Mariah Carey Dishes All About Britney Spears, Meryl Streep, Wendy Williams, & Others

Singer Mariah Carey was featured on Monday’s Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, reports Entertainment Tonight. During the show, Mariah talked about a number of different topics, including her thoughts on various fellow celebrities.

The best selling female artist of all time spoke about fellow artist Whitney Houston, commenting that she has “great memories” from a promotional tour the two took for the Prince of Egypt. She went on to talk about working with Skrillex, confessing how much she loves him and adding that he’s “such a good guy.” Mariah also spoke about hanging out with singer Britney Spears, calling her a “sweetheart” and adding that she loves her.

Another celebrity that Mariah gushed about was actress Meryl Streep. The singer told an embarrassing story about stealing the actress’s seat by accident at the Golden Globes.

“That was so mortifying. She had spoken to me when I did Precious. She was so sweet. I was like, ‘I can’t believe Meryl Streep was talking about my performance in a film…’ When I sat in her seat, I was like, ‘I didn’t do that. Please say I didn’t do that.’ But she was like, ‘You can sit in it anytime!’ She was very festive. She was cool about it.”

Mariah touched on late singer Aretha Franklin, commenting that performing with her on Divas Live was incredible and that the singer was “real” and “intimidating.”

“Aretha was so just real… It was great and it was one of those moments where she just went so far beyond what I could have imagined she would be like. May she rest in peace. She gave us such a gift.”

Finally, in response to fans begging for a Mariah and Cardi B collaboration, the “All I Want For Christmas” singer revealed that she would love for it to happen and would even be down for a three-way collaboration with Lil’ Kim as well.

“If nobody puts it together, it’s not gonna happen, but things happen real quick these days, so you never know.”

It was revealed during the interview that singer Adele recently declared that Mariah “should be in the Bible because she’s so epic.” Mariah laughed and responded that it “would be great” to collaborate with the “Set Fire to the Rain” singer.

Also during the show, Mariah was asked by a fan about the success of her viral fan campaign #JusticeForGlitter, which resulted in her 2001 album jumping to the top of the iTunes charts 17 years after its release, reported the Daily Mail. Due to the recent success of her album, she revealed that she will be adding songs from Glitter onto her tour.

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