The Monaco Royal Family Shares An Adorable Moment With The Young Prince & Princess

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

On Monaco National Day, the youngest royals lightened the mood by joyfully playing with their toys on the balcony and nervously giggling when they dropped them on the people below. Twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, grandchildren of American actress Grace Kelly, still managed to smile and wave at the crowd.

Express reports that the 3-year-old twins stayed occupied with action figures while their parents, Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene, looked on, dressed in their finest. The prince was in his military uniform while Princess Charlene wore a black and cream checked suit with matching hat. The royals each wore a blue cornflower pin, a symbol of remembrance for what is typically a solemn day.

The day was packed with activities which included a parade and a mass.

But People Magazine shared photos of the moment when everyone was reminded that even when you are royal, there are still things that happen when you have kids that can’t be predicted. Someone obviously thought ahead and gave the twins little toys to keep their hands busy during Monaco National Sovereign’s Day, but forgot that toddlers drop things all the time, and Prince Jacque and Princess Gabriella are no exception.

The twins, who will turn 4-years-old next month, skipped the solemn mass but appeared with the rest of the family on the balcony, explains an insider.

“Princess Jacques and Princess Gabriella are just coming to the right age now. They have this delight in things. They’re able now to participate in the pageantry. Clearly, they enjoyed themselves today.”

On the balcony of the Prince’s Palace of Monaco, the twins didn’t seem too upset as the action figures dropped onto the crowd below. Unfazed, Princess Gabriella acted as if this was just another day, smiling, waving, and dancing to the music as she ate cookies alongside her brother.

There was one moment of concern on the young princess’ face as she dropped an orange balloon she had been playing with into the crowd, and watch as it was batted around until a minister of state got it under control.

Princess Gabriella’s attention was quickly redirected when a marching band appeared playing the popular song, “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons.

Royal watchers couldn’t help but think of Prince George and Princess Charlotte when looking at the cute Monaco twins and their composure among such a large crowd. The two older children of Prince William and Kate Middleton have been put through the paces in the last year as they have been photographed at two royal weddings and countless other days out around the United Kingdom and its territories.