Twitter ‘Promoted Trends’ Now Cost $200,000 Per Day

Twitter has reportedly increased the price of its Promoted Trends program. Interested advertisers will now have to spend around $200,000 per day for the service.

The new pricing went in to effect earlier this year. All Things Digital reports that the current number is 33 percent higher than what the company wanted last year.

The website reports that Twitter’s Promoted Trends have been a pretty big hit since they were first offered. Since they appear alongside other trends, they are seen by quite a few people on a regular basis.

Techni explains that Twitter wasn’t always asking $200,000 from prospective advertisers. When the company first launched the program back in 2008, the asking price was only $80,000. Since the format has proven successful, it hasn’t taken very long for the price to increase.

Twitter also offers clients other ways to advertise their wares on the site. In addition to promoting trends, the company also spotlights tweets and accounts.

According to The Next Web, Twitter doesn’t feature a promoted trend every day. The website also points out that the company only spotlights one Promoted Trend at a time. Were the company able to sell one $200,000 trend every day of the year, then Twitter could generate around $73 million.

In addition to raising the price of its promoted trend service, the company is reportedly months away from launching its advertising API later this year. TechCrunch reports that sources close to the project said everything should come together before the end of Q1.

The website described the advertising API as follows:

“Aimed at large advertisers and their agencies, it will give them the ability to launch scaled-up campaigns across the social network, and it also opens the door to more sophisticated targeting and analytics tools in the process.”

Some analysts believe Twitter’s various advertising programs could help the company earn around $1 billion by the end of 2013. Would you pay $200,000 to have your business or product listed as a Promoted Trend for one day?