Meghan Markle’s Weight Will Be Checked Before & After Christmas Feast

WPA PoolGetty Images

Many of the British royal traditions were a bit of a mystery for Americans, but with the introduction of Meghan Markle into the family, people are more curious than ever to learn details of the goings-on behind palace walls. And it appears that a Christmas tradition that has been upheld since the 1900s will apply to Meghan Markle, and it’s something that many women might balk at: and that’s to be weighed before, and after, a Christmas feast.

Fox News detailed how the tradition ensures that everyone is being “well fed.” Certainly, it seems like there could be other ways to tell, but that’s just how they do things. And it’s not like the weigh-in is exclusive to the Duchess, as all of the royals will be taking part. The process requires everyone to weigh themselves using two antique scales, but it’s not clear how the results are recorded.

And while that might sound unsavory to some, the holiday traditions also include an extravagant dinner and tea, which ought to make up for the weigh-in. Plus, Meghan might have the pleasure of spending time with her mom Doria Ragland. Because although it’s highly unusual, the Queen reportedly invited Doria to the festivities this year.

The inclusion of Meghan’s mom is a welcome sight for royal fans, who have become increasingly wary of the other family members who are still looking to capitalize on Markle’s skyrocketing fame. For example, half-sister Samantha is expected to release her tell-all book about the Duchess around the time of the birth of Meghan and Harry’s first child.

Plus, nephew Tyler Dooley is making an appearance on the new MTV show, The Royal World. The one person who seems to have stepped out of the limelight is dad Thomas but it wasn’t before rumors surfaced that he was considering legal action in order to see his future grandchild.

The dad has been revealing highly personal information about Meghan to the press, which is believed to have caused the huge rift between him and his daughter. For example, this is what he said about how he found out Meghan was dating Harry, detailed Harper’s Bazaar.

“The first phone calls were, ‘Daddy, I have a new boyfriend,’ and I said, ‘Well, that’s really nice,'” he recalled.

“And the next call was like, ‘He’s British,’ and I said, ‘That’s really nice.’ Eventually the third time around she was like, ‘He’s a prince.’ At that point she said, ‘It’s Harry.’ And I said, ‘Oh! Harry, okay.’ Of course, we’ll have to call him ‘H’ so no one knows that we’re talking about Harry. It’s ‘H’.”