Rebel Group Seeks $11 Million On Kickstarter To Build X-Wing

A real life rebel squadron is seeking $11 million through crowdfunding website Kickstarter to build an X-Wing from Star Wars.

The crowdfunding effort comes in response to another Kickstarter campaign to raise money to build a Death Star.

According to the page for the Death Star campaign, it was put up in response to the Government refusing to build its own Death Star. In justifying itself, the campaign writes:

“In light of continuing threats we should build it ourselves.”

The rebel group has responded with their own campaign to raise $11 million to build an X-Wing. They write:

“At first, we laughed. When we stopped laughing (because it kind of hurt, how hard we were laughing) we realized that it was an ingenious plot by the Empire to use the power of the people against us! We can’t let this new Death Star go unchallenged, so we’re raising funds to form a new Rebel Alliance and construct a fleet of proton torpedo armed X-Wing fighters to take down this new Death Star.”

According to TechCrunch though, the rebel’s calculated their numbers wrong. It says that the project’s stretch goal of 13 million Galactic Standard Credits (GSC) would convert to $8.6 million, less than the $11 million the group needs to fund the X-Wing in the first place.

One GSC was estimated to be worth 0.62 USD in May 2012 by the online Star Wars community. It is unclear what conversion the rebel group used to get their numbers.

If you haven’t guessed by now, both campaigns are for nothing more than fun. While each have real pages, they both list their greatest risk as assuring Kickstarter that their campaigns are harmless jokes with unachievable monetary goals.

It’s fun to see the excitement surrounding Star Wars since Disney bought the franchise from George Lucas and hired J.J. Abrams to direct the next movie.

If the project was real, would you donate to the rebel group to help raise $11 million to build an X-Wing fighter?

[image via Wikimedia Commons]