‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: ‘JaSam’ Busted In Bed, Ava Attacks, & The Quartermaines Do Thanksgiving

Craig SjodinABC

Long-time fans of General Hospital know that Thanksgiving is always an entertaining holiday on this show — and spoilers tease that the week of November 19 will be packed with great stuff. There will be families gathering to celebrate the holiday, but teasers note that there will be shockers, romance, and a vicious attack as well.

The weekly preview shared via Twitter reveals plenty of juicy General Hospital spoilers to take place throughout the week. Jason will pay Sam a visit, and it looks like she’ll be battling a cold — but the two will apparently provide a shocker for Alexis when she also stops by the place.

Alexis will ask Danny where his mommy is, and he’ll say that she’s upstairs in bed with daddy. While this could be an exciting development of “JaSam” finally throwing caution to the wind and hitting the sheets, it seems more likely that Jason will simply be up in the bedroom tucking Sam in, so that she might sleep off her cold. Regardless, Alexis will be taken aback by Danny’s casual revelation.

Ava is careening into dangerous territory these days, thanks to Kiki’s romance with Griffin — and Ryan’s manipulations. Now, the latest General Hospital spoilers suggest that she’ll fall even further before regaining her grip on her sanity again.

Viewers watched last week as Ava drugged Sasha — and she’s aiming to set things up to make Griffin look bad, ending up in trouble with Kiki. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ava will use Franco in some way this week, and SheKnows Soaps teases that there’s an ugly confrontation between Ava and Nina coming up soon.

Drew and Kim have been struggling over how to handle Oscar — and his dire medical condition — and General Hospital spoilers reveal that they’ll continue to wrestle with the issue during Monday’s show. Teasers detail that Drew will end up pushing Kim away, and this could set up an emotionally difficult Thanksgiving for the entire family.

Stella’s former love Marcus reportedly makes an appearance at last, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that, during Tuesday’s episode, Jordan will be surprised and Stella will do some deep thinking. Jordan and Curtis’ wedding is finally about to take place — and it looks like viewers will see that event kick into gear beginning on Monday, November 26.

There are crazy Quartermaine Thanksgiving moments ahead, but it looks like much of the celebration will play out next week. As is typically the case for General Hospital, spoilers confirm that Thursday will feature a throwback encore episode. Sports events will air in the soap’s place on Friday.

How far will Ava sink before Ryan’s shenanigans are discovered, and who else will die as a result of his return? Can Oscar’s life be saved, and will “JaSam” fans ever get the full-fledged romantic reunion they’ve been waiting to see for months? General Hospital spoilers suggest that there’s a lot of action jam-packed into this week’s three new episodes, and fans can’t wait to see what comes next.