‘Scorpion’ Fans Continue To Fight For Netflix To Revive The Series

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Scorpion fans everywhere were devastated when CBS broke the news that they would not be renewing the series for a fifth season a little more than a year ago. Die-hard fans of the series have been fighting ever since to attract enough attention from Netflix that the streaming giant would consider reviving the series for another season.

As What’s On Netflix– a fan site dedicated to all things Netflix — reminds us, the streaming giant is no stranger to reviving shows previously canceled by the network they originally aired on. In fact, the streaming giant recently revived both Lucifer and Designated Survivor.

Once upon a time, Netflix also revived a series called The Killing. The murder mystery series had a pretty unique airing and ownership history as it originally aired on AMC before being canceled after two seasons. Collectively, Fox and Netflix worked out a deal with AMC to bring the series back for a third season. Then, Netflix worked out another deal to bring the series back for a fourth season.

Things, however, did get a little dicey as far as calling The Killing a Netflix Original – as the Inquisitr has previously reported – because Netflix only acquired temporary rights that were needed to produce a fourth season to give the series the closing fans wanted.

If Netflix did decide to go after picking up Scorpion for a fifth season, it would likely play out similar to The Killing and only be a member of the Netflix library temporarily. Given the fact that Scorpion is available through CBS All Access, it is unclear and unlikely that the previous seasons would shift over to Netflix unless they were able to work out a deal to gain temporary streaming rights for just that series.

Scorpion isn’t the only series with fans chasing after Netflix with the hopes of a revival. Shadowhunters and Deception also have huge campaigns begging the streaming giant for a series revival after ABC decided to pull the plug on both shows.

Fans of Deception have even argued the series would be a great place for Netflix after recently losing White Collar as the two shows have a very similar feel.

The Netflix title request feature and hashtags on social media are the best way for you to show your support of shows you want the streaming giant to consider reviving.

With every day that passes, it becomes more unlikely and more difficult for Netflix to revive Scorpion as the actors and actresses move on to other projects. It, however, is not unheard of for a series to be revived – with original cast members intact – after years of being off the air.