WWE News: Enzo Amore Showed Up At ‘Survivor Series’ In Disguise And Was Kicked Out By Security

Enzo Amore hasn’t been a part of WWE for quite some time now, and it is highly unlikely that he ever will be again. Still, that isn’t stopping him from trying to get into the spotlight and make people notice him. On Sunday night, WWE presented one of their biggest pay-per-views of the year in Survivor Series and there was one uninvited guest. Enzo Amore was there in the crowd, but he didn’t last too long as security kicked him out.

Amore is the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion who was fired by the company after being accused of sexual assault. Not long after his release, his former tag team partner Big Cass was also fired by WWE and one of the more popular tag teams was no longer in the company at all.

On Sunday night, word started making the rounds on social media that Enzo Amore was somewhere in the arena for Survivor Series in Los Angeles. Eventually, he not only made his way into the crowd, but he ended up in the first few rows of seats.

Cageside Seats even reported that some people said Amore was wearing a very bad disguise to try and keep himself from being recognized. That obviously didn’t work as security soon found out who it was and where he was, and it led to him being kicked out of the arena.

It didn’t help that he began making a scene which led to him being almost tackled by security.

Some reports on social media reported that Amore was stumbling around and bumping into people as if he was overly drunk. The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion began running through the crowd before throwing up his hands and walking out with security.

Enzo Amore was wearing his own merchandise and trying to work the same gimmick he had while in WWE. As far as things appear to be, this is not part of an angle or storyline by WWE and is all the doing of Amore.

The former WWE superstar didn’t do himself any favors by going to the hard camera side of the pay-per-view. Of course, that is what he wanted, though, as it got him back in the spotlight for even just a few minutes.

As more reports are landing online, it is blatantly obvious that WWE has nothing to do with this.

His time in WWE wasn’t too bad as Enzo Amore had a good run with Big Cass and even became a champion once he was on his own. Unfortunately, he dealt with legal issues outside the ring and he lost his position with the company. While he’s trying to stay relevant, it looks like he is also burning every bridge he can find with WWE and showing up at Survivor Series is probably the last straw and that’s why security wasn’t gentle when kicking him out.

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