Joe Amabile Calls Himself An Amazing Boyfriend On Kendall Long’s Instagram After Fans Wonder If They’ve Split

Joe Amabile and Kendall Long
Eric McCandless / ABC

It looks like Joe Amabile might have sneaked onto Kendall Long’s Instagram page to post a couple of new photos with a clever caption. The first photo that Joe posted is notably the same one that she shared to his page two days ago. The post caused quite a stir, however, as he announced that he was leaving for Chicago in a few days. This led many fans to speculate on their relationship status. Some believed that Joe meant that he is going back to Chicago for good, considering that he made the announcement right after his Dancing with the Stars elimination. Meanwhile, others thought that he was just going home for the holidays, detailed the Inquisitr.

The new post on Kendall’s page, however, seems to quell the rumors that the two have decided to split. After all, this was the caption.

“15 out of 10 stars [star emoji] He is such a beautiful man inside and out. Sometimes I stare at him and I’m just in awe. He is so funny and wonderful. Best boyfriend ever. – Written by Joe Amabile”

Some fans clearly didn’t read the entire post, as they gushed about how he’s such a “keeper.” On the other hand, other people found the message hilarious. This might come as consolation to some Bachelor Nation fans who left Joe comments like, “We vote no,” while others told him that he would be making a big mistake to leave someone like Kendall.

But even so, it’s not like Joe’s caption is super far from the truth. One of her Instagram stories is a GIF of them cuddling, as Kendall captioned it, “You butter up my soul baby!” She also shared a couple of snaps from her friend’s birthday celebration, which looked like tons of fun.

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Meanwhile, Joe’s been very busy lately, as he entered the world of dance for the very first time. He worked extremely hard to be a part of Dancing with the Stars, working with pro Jenna Johnson who encouraged him every step of the way. Although the pair made it to the semi-finals, the Bachelor In Paradise star didn’t seem to have regrets as he left the show.

“I wouldn’t have changed anything. I’m very happy with it. I was myself the whole time. Do I think I’m the best dancer in the competition? No. Do I have the best smile? Probably … We thought we were going to get eliminated at week one, so I couldn’t have asked for it to go better.”