TI And Tiny Reportedly 'Emotional And Shaken' Over Kim Porter's Untimely Death

Like many celebrities and social media users around the world, T.I. and Tameka "Tiny" Cottle are reeling over the death of Kim Porter. According to TMZ, the former model was reportedly found dead inside her New York home on Thursday, November 15. Her death comes just weeks after her battle with pneumonia. To many, the 47-year-old mother's death came as a complete shock, and those who knew her have expressed great difficulty processing all that has happened.

Now, according to Hollywood Life, an insider close to T.I. and Tiny has shared details about their emotional reactions to Kim Porter's death. The insider claims the unexpected loss has left both T.I. and Tiny quite shaken. During a recent interview with the publication, the insider discussed the situation. It has been reported that both T.I. and Tiny had a relatively positive relationship with Porter and have had nothing but great things to say about her life and positive energy.

"Kim Porter's death has really hit T.I. and Tiny hard. They are both extremely emotional about it. They both loved Kim and have so many memories with her. It has really shaken them because she was only a few years older than they are and was always so full of life and good energy. They aren't the only ones feeling this way — the whole hip-hop community is in shock and mourning Kim's death," a friend of Tiny's reportedly told the publication.

"We'll always love you and cherish your beautiful spirit. We were truly blessed to have had you in our lives. @diddy You and kids have All my family's prayers and condolences. With love and respect, we'll remember your smile forever. Rest Easy Queen. #RIPKim #TrueAtlantaLegend."

The latest news follows a string of reports on T.I. and Tiny's marital problems. For the past two years, T.I. has been at the center of multiple cheating scandals and the rapper's alleged infidelity is reportedly what led to Tiny's divorce filing. The two have gone back and forth with the idea of divorcing. In fact, they've even shared subliminal posts about their marriage via social media. But despite the ongoing speculation of divorce, it appears T.I. and Tiny are still trying to work through their problems and resolve their issues.

In September, Tiny posted a tribute to T.I. for his birthday revealing they'd spent his big day together. Not only did her birthday tribute capture the attention of fans, but the close of her letter also turned heads. She referred to herself as "Mrs. H." which likely confirms they may not be going their separate ways after all. Their marriage may survive the turmoil, but only time will tell how things ultimately turn out.