Krista Vernoff Has ‘Zero Desire To Erase’ Meredith & Derek’s History In ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Making the decision to add a new chapter to Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) love life in Grey’s Anatomy is not easy. The ABC medical drama has a cult-like following. Even though Meredith’s late husband Derek (Patrick Dempsey) is dead, many fans have a hard time seeing her with anyone else. In fact, some would rather see Meredith stay single and focus on her career and her children.

One very irate Grey’s Anatomy fan took to Twitter yesterday to let showrunner Krista Vernoff know just how unhappy they were with the idea of Meredith pursuing a new love interest.

“You need to go back to S1 and remember the show would not of gotten even to S3 without Meredith and Derek I know you want to erase that but you can’t And you would’ve been able to have drawn so many viewers in without @PatrickDempsey, everyone else was an unknown,” the angry fan penned in their emotional tweet.

While the irate tweet didn’t generate much attention accumulating a total of 12 comments and 20 retweets, the lack of attention didn’t stop Vernoff from clapping back at the fan and defending the decision to allow Meredith to move on with her life.

“Respectfully, I have zero desire to erase Derek or Patrick. He left the show. The show goes on. Meredith goes on. Life goes on,” Vernoff said in response.

Unfortunately for the Krista, it seemed that those responding to the original tweet as well as hers agreed with the original irate fan.

“But Shonda did say that in order for their love to last forever that Derek had to die! Because he couldn’t just leave her! But that it’s okay for Meredith to move on? If their love was supposed to be forever then she should not be with anyone! in my opinion,” one individual pointed out.

Some took to Twitter to debate whether Dempsey left the show or was fired from the show. A few fans who agreed with Vernoff pointed out that Patrick was far from the only star in the original cast list.

Others defended the showrunner by pointing out the fact that Derek was not – and was never – the focal point of the show. These fans argued the show had always – and will always – revolve around Meredith.

A supportive fan added: “Meredith has been the balance of the entire show, she is the fulcrum not Derek, the life of the other characters evolves around her at one point or the other, Derek was and has never been such. Meredith brought the best out of Derek not the other way round.”

In general, Grey’s Anatomy fans seemed to be pretty mixed on whether they agreed with Krista or the irate individual who left the original tweet.

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