Bill Murray Falls Into Sand Trap, Nobody Believes Him

Actor and national treasure Bill Murray, star of everything culturally beloved from Ghostbusters to Caddyshack to Groundhog Day to Zombieland, fell into a sand trap at a recent celebrity golf event, despairing over a low par or bent club or whatever it is people are mad about when they don’t do golf good.

Bill Murray was on hand for the annual AT&T Pebble Beach Nation Pro-Am golf tournament this week, and E! explains that at the second hole of the tournament, the Moonrise Kingdom star ran into some trouble. The site says:

“Alas, the mustachioed Murray probably could have used a mulligan on the second hole as one of his shots landed right in a sand trap, prompting the funnyman and avid golfer to lie down in the bunker in despair.”

Bill Murray’s Pebble Beach appearance was delightful to fans, as the actor has always been a bit of an enigmatic recluse. Tales abound of Murray crashing kickball games and drinking with randoms in New York City — and by the time the stories hit the level of myth, they’re often appended with the following, alleged parting promise from the star: “Nobody will ever believe you.”

Other Bill Murray apocrypha has the actor wandering around the lobbies of swank hotels slipping random guests $100 bills and telling them to buy a sandwich, they look hungry. Britain’s Telegraph recently collected the stories into an epic Bill Murray article.

bill murray

Murray recently addressed his crashing habit while talking to Howard Stern, and shared his technique for infiltrating the parties of everyday folk:

“Well, you know, as long as you bring something. If you bring a bottle of wine or champagne or something, people are like, ‘oh, I guess I did invite him.’ They don’t even remember.”

Perhaps in preparation for the AT&T Pebble Beach Nation Pro-Am golf tournament, Bill Murray also rocked a mustache of biblical proportions, fully groomed and curled at the sides.