Floyd Mayweather Speaks Out On Khabib Nurmagomedov Fight - 'My Way, My Rules'

For fans who have been patiently waiting to see Floyd Mayweather in another crossover fight with an MMA competitor, the dream is still alive. This time, that fight would be against Khabib Nurmagomedov, and according to Mayweather, the fight would need to be a boxing match as he's the "A side."

TMZ Sports caught up with Mayweather, and of course, they asked him about whether he's interested in a fight with Khabib. "Money" went off on the matter.

"They came to me talking about the Khabib fight," Mayweather said to TMZ Sports, as transcribed by MMA Fighting. "Khabib called me out, I didn't call Khabib out. They said it has to happen in the octagon and I said, 'You just tell me where Khabib has made nine figures before in the octagon.' If he hasn't made nine figures, he's not the A side. I'm the A side, so if you guys want the fight to happen, you must come my way. My way, my rules."

When asked to elaborate on whether it needs to be a boxing match, Mayweather said, "Has to [be boxing]. My way, my rules. I'm Floyd 'Money' Mayweather. Even if it don't happen, I'm comfortable. I've got a great life. Houses all over L.A. I'm retired and I'm still living a great life."

For his part, Khabib has said he's willing to box Mayweather, so that couldn't prevent the fight from happening. What's interesting about it, though, is that Khabib is known more as a grappler who beats his opponents on the ground. While Conor McGregor was an MMA fighter, his game is much more focused on fighting on the feet, specifically boxing, so the crossover seemed more competitive on paper.

Khabib's team has gone on record looking for a $50 million fight, and the only opponent who could get them that kind of payday is Mayweather. From that perspective, the fight makes sense, at least for Nurmagomedov and his team.

A major stumbling block for the fight could be UFC President Dana White, as he's not particularly interested in seeing the fight happen, as reported by MMA Fighting.

Mayweather is currently retired, but he's expressed interest in coming back for the right fight. A fight with Nurmagomedov could be that fight, but after McGregor was handily defeated by Floyd, it'll be interesting to see if a second MMA fighter versus boxer match draws as well as the first.

"Money" was announced for a fight in Japan but quickly backed out of that fight, as reported by Inquisitr. However, TMZ indicated that a matchup between the two may still be in the works, but it'll be a three-round exhibition and not an actual sanctioned fight.