James Corden Accused Of Cultural Appropriation By Furious Hip-Hopper

Presley AnnGetty Images

British funnyman James Corden has been called out by rapper Dizaster who has accused The Late Late Show host of cultural appropriation.

The Daily Mail reports that the 34-year-old artist has slammed Corden’s appearance on the “Drop The Mic” segment as a “joke.”

The “Drop The Mic” segment is a recurring part of The Late Late Show and features 40-year-old Corden and celebrity guests trading insults in a rap battle.

Past participants have included Rebel Wilson, Anne Hathaway, and Kevin Hart. The skit has proved so popular with the public it prompted CBS to create a spinoff series.

However, it does not sit well with the likes of Dizaster who has slammed the segment as being purely exploitative of hip-hop culture. He claims that Corden is making money off a hip-hop movement he has no involvement in or has no real knowledge of.

Dizaster explained that you cannot just decide to become a hip-hopper. It’s either something that’s part of your life from cradle to grave or not at all.

The rapper explained, “From when you’re a kid you’re involved in this hip-hop s**t. If you’re ignorant to all this s**t and you just come in and make a track in the studio and you have a good track and now you’re a rapper then you’re a cultural appropriator – it doesn’t matter what color you are.

“James Corden is a cultural appropriator, to the fullest. Like if there was a cultural appropriator emblem it would be his swollen little f***ing face, his porky pig face.”

James Corden holding some awards.

Dizaster went on to explain how he visited the set of The Late Late show with famed battle rapper Daylyt, and Corden didn’t even recognize either of them.

Dizaster declared, “First of all, if you don’t recognize Daylyt’s face you’re f***ed. We went to his set, they wanted us to help them and give them authenticity but they f***ing didn’t know nothing, like had a cast of all nerds.

“I’m not going to sit over here and completely dump on him because I could all f***ing day, but yeah, that s**t is a joke. We don’t want anyone to think that that’s battle rap. It’s not.”

Dizaster also claims that the show’s producers are preventing authentic rappers and artists getting any credit for their writing. He accused Corden and the show of coming to his culture from a different place and taking something he and others have bled for.

“That show, it’s not to help battlers, it’s to keep them behind the scene. Pretty much use them for all of their abilities, their coaching, all that s**t, and then put on their faces they want to put on. This is cultural appropriation.”