Michelle Obama Hilariously Talks About The Time That She Accidentally Flashed The Secret Service

Michelle Obama speaks at an event.
Gerardo Mora / Getty Images

Embarrassing moments don’t discriminate against anyone — just ask Michelle Obama.

As the former first lady makes her press rounds promoting her new book, Becoming, she has been sharing a lot of funny old stories in addition to some equally as hilarious new ones. During her stop at the 2 Dope Queens podcast, hosted by Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams, the two ladies took the opportunity to ask Michelle a few silly questions. It all started when Robinson began talking about some of her tummy issues, before turning it into a question for Obama.

“To open: I am a gassy person. Now stay with me, guys. But you spent — your time in the White House, especially — you were surrounded by Secret Service,” Robinson started.

“Yes, there were times I had gas,” Michelle admitted to the podcast hosts.

“No, I’m just kidding… No, not in eight years. Once I became first lady, gas left me. That’s part of the, that’s one of the benefits — no more gas.”

Phoebe then went on to make a point that being the first lady, Michelle had to have been constantly surrounded by a ton of people. She then asked Michelle if there were any embarrassing moments that happened when she was with any of the Secret Service personnel.

In addition to things like “tripping, falling, and stumbling,” Michelle told the ladies about an awkward time when she was at a rally in Asheville, North Carolina, and something crazy happened.

“And my skirt blew up. The wind just blew it up and luckily there wasn’t, like, a backstand. But he was there and he stepped right over, and I was like, thanks! I was like woo! It’s one of those flouncy little cute skirts, and then we had to rethink that.”

After that funny, yet super awkward incident, Michelle says that she learned her lesson to be sure to only wear a pencil skirt on windy days to avoid something like that ever happening again.

And since she left the White House, Michelle has been busy enjoying some relaxing time away from the spotlight following her duties as first lady. As the Inquisitr shared earlier this week, the 54-year-old confessed that the best part about post-presidential married life is the alone time that she gets to share with Barack Obama. Michelle said that she and her husband are finding themselves again, enjoying chunks of time alone like they had before kids.

And aside from just romance, Michelle said that she is also enjoying spending some quality time with her two children, Malia, 20, and Sasha, 17.