Get Ready For Black Friday Week Starting Tomorrow

Remember when Black Friday was just a day — the Friday after Thanksgiving? That was during a time when we used to pretend that the Christmas season started after Thanksgiving. Of course, Monday go jealous and needed its own special day. So we invented Cyber Monday. That is the Monday following Black Friday. It came about during a time when broadband wasn’t the norm. So people doing online shopping would wait until they got to work to use the company’s computers.

Naturally, Black Friday could not tolerate such a brazen encroachment on its territory. And let’s face it, Christmas starts the day the kids go back to school. So Black Friday did what any self-respecting made-up shopping holiday would do: It expanded to an entire week. iMore reports, “Amazon’s ‘Seven Days of Black Friday Deals’ promo to offer thousands of deals each day.”

“Amazon has finally announced its Black Friday plans with a ‘Seven Days of Black Friday Deals’ promotion that includes more than 50 deals of the day and thousands of deals across every department. Starting tomorrow, November 16, through Black Friday (November 23), Amazon will have discounts on popular electronics, toys, fashion gear, beauty items, kitchen gadgets, home accessories, and more.”

It used to be that a Black Friday ad might “leak” a couple days in advance. This year, Black Friday ads have been “leaking” since early October. Amazon has had plenty of time to prepare for their response. Their plan is to make sure you complete your shopping list before the retail doors open on Black Friday, the real one.

Naturally, you can save big on all of Amazon’s hardware. There is no better time to add an Echo or two to your home. The all-new Echo Dot is only $24.00. So now you can afford to put one in the bathroom. Music everywhere.

Many popular toys are 40 percent off. And fashion is up to 50 percent off. Smart home devices from Phillips to TP link are between 35 percent and 46 percent off. It should go without saying that if a game console such as Xbox and Nintendo are on the list, Amazon has you covered with special bundles and up to $100 off.

Don’t think for a moment that other retailers are going to take this lying down. Walmart and Target will not hesitate to ramp up their deals as well. Walmart has already started taking on Amazon’s Prime day deals with specials of their own.

This retail madness may cheapen the season for some. But it is good for shoppers and for the economy. For many businesses, it is the only time they are profitable. How they do during the holiday season determines their year. So get ready for Black Friday week. And keep an eye open for what those other days of the week are planning. Don’t expect Thursday to take this lying down.

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