‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Visits Margaux, Franco Offers Help, And Elizabeth Is Desperate For Answers

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday’s episode hint that some interesting tidbits of information may emerge. Fans have been busy speculating about where some of the current storylines are headed and key details may be revealed during this November 15 show.

Viewers saw that Finn just received a letter from Hayden, and he’ll read it during Thursday’s show. As the Inquisitr shared earlier, fans are hoping that this letter may be a precursor to Rebecca Budig returning to the show as Hayden. However, so far, nothing officially confirming that has emerged. Regardless of what the letter says, General Hospital spoilers note that Anna will do her best to support Finn.

Jordan is trying to determine who killed Mary Pat and she’s had a lot of questions for Carly. General Hospital spoilers from the Twitter sneak peek indicate that Jordan will talk with Carly and Sonny and tell them she has definitive evidence related to the case. This will have the Corinthos pair curious and feeling hopeful that Carly has been cleared.

Unfortunately, any evidence Jordan has surely won’t raise any red flags about Ryan, as General Hospital spoilers hint that he’ll be wreaking more havoc in Port Charles before his reign of terror is uncovered. Interestingly, Ryan and Franco will have a chat during Thursday’s show and it seems that Franco will believe that he can be of assistance in finding the truth about the murder.


Ryan will ask Franco what makes him think he can catch the killer, and this may be a somewhat chilling conversation to watch. Obviously, Franco has no idea who he is really talking to and if Franco does have any valuable insight, Ryan could utilize that to ensure he escapes detection.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, She Knows Soaps explains that Sonny will pay Margaux a visit and General Hospital spoilers detail that they’ll banter a bit. There has been some speculation that after what transpired between them regarding her mother, their dynamic may change and things may go from contentious to romantic. It’s too soon to know if that’s really on the way, but it would certainly shake things up a great deal.

Curtis and Drew will spend some time together and Drew will have something to share with his friend that apparently is an overwhelming gesture of some sort. Drew had to back out of being Curtis’ best man, but it looks like he’s come up with a way to make it up to his friend.

Another tidbit coming up during Thursday’s show involves Drew and Margaux, as executive producer Frank Valentini teased via Twitter that she’ll have another offer for him. Will he take her up on whatever she has in mind this time?

Everybody will also watch as Elizabeth meets with Aiden’s teacher Willow again. Elizabeth is becoming increasingly worried about Aiden’s struggles at school and she’s desperate to understand what’s bothering him.

Viewers have seen that Charlotte has been consistently unkind toward him, but fans have been speculating that it’ll be something far more substantial that ultimately is causing Aiden’s angst. Elizabeth will beg Willow to help her understand what’s wrong with her son, but Willow may not have answers either.

General Hospital spoilers tease that there’s great stuff coming up during Friday’s show too and viewers have a lot to look forward to as the November sweeps continue.