James Corden Tries Mark Wahlberg’s 4 AM Workout

Terence PatrickCBS

James Corden tried out Mark Wahlberg’s intense 4 a.m. workout, and let’s just say the 40-year-old Late Late Show host isn’t a fan. During a segment on Corden’s show, the host crawled out of bed at 2:25 in the morning to try out the actor’s infamous regiment at the gym, ET Online reports.

Wahlberg revealed his daily schedule to the world, which starts with a 2:30 a.m. wake-up time, followed by 2:45 a.m. prayer time. Breakfast happens at 3:15 a.m., with a workout from 3:40 to 5:15 a.m. Corden decided he wanted to give the schedule a try, so the bleary-eyed host shuffled into the shower and then drove the empty streets to the Boogie Night actor’s house.

After arriving at Wallberg’s tricked-out home gym, the host tells the actor that his workout schedule is “ridiculous.” Wahlberg laughs and tells him to keep it down because the kids are sleeping.

“This is ridiculous. This is the most ridiculous thing,” Corden tells Wahlberg. “Why are we doing this?… I saw one car on the journey here!”

Wahlberg counters that at least everything is nice and peaceful at this time of day, to which Corden replies that he was perfectly at peace prone and asleep in his bed.

The workout starts on mats on the floor for a stretch. The talk show host quips that now he gets what’s really happening.

“This is just to get away from the family. You say I’m gonna work out and you just lie down and have a snooze,” he said.

When Wahlberg hears that Corden was up until 10:30 p.m. the night before, he asks him what he was doing that late in the evening.

“Being a normal person,” Corden replies.

Corden does like one part Wahlberg’s regiment: the breakfast. The actor has two meals in the morning, one before and one after the workout. Corden says he has been doing that part, minus the workout.

The actor says Corden needs to get in top shape to fight off the boys when they start coming for his daughters. The host says he will just settle for “bottom, bottom shape.”

“When the girls get older the boys start coming over, ringing the bell. You gotta be ready!” Wahlberg tells him. “There’s a whole other fight in front of you.”

While jumping back and forth on a board, Corden tells Wahlberg that he feels like he is in a boy-band and starts singing Backstreet Boys song “Everybody” as he does the workout moves.

After a workout that looks seriously intense, Corden heads off, saying he’ll be back at midnight, a few hours before Wahlberg wakes up for another training session.

“Just make sure he doesn’t throw up in my bathroom,” Wahlberg jokes as he leaves the room.