Kate Upton Shares Sweet Photo Of Justin Verlander And Newborn Daughter: ‘Daddy Daughter Snuggles’

Ronald MartinezGetty Images

It’s easy to see that Kate Upton and Justin Verlander are already head over heels for their newborn daughter, Genevieve Upton Verlander.

She may have been born just a few days ago, but Genevieve has certainly stolen the hearts of her famous parents. Both Verlander and Upton recently took to their Instagram pages to share that their daughter was born on November 7, 2018. Kate shared an up-close photo of the newborn, showing her tiny face, lips, and hands while Justin shared a photo of himself and his wife holding the hand of Genevieve.

And if that wasn’t cute enough, Kate reposted a photo today of her man holding her daughter in his arms. In the sweet photo, Verlander and his daughter share a special moment in the kitchen. In the picture-perfect image, Justin smiles as he looks down at his daughter, who is wrapped in a blanket and a scarf on her head.

“Didn’t win #cyyoungaward, but I can’t be too upset when I have this little girl waiting for her daddy off camera,” Verlander captioned his photo.

In the repost by Kate, she gushes over her man and his “daddy daughter snuggles.” So far, the image has gained a ton of attention for Upton with over 19,000 likes, in addition to 100 plus comments. Some fans chimed in on the post to congratulate the pair on their newest addition, while countless others couldn’t help but gush over how cute the newborn is.

“What a perfect freaking family.”

“Congrats guys…..best gift in life ever,” another wrote.

“Precious photo! What an honor to be parents,” one more commented.

The birth of their sweet baby girl isn’t the only thing that Upton and Verlander have had to celebrate in the last few weeks. As the Inquisitr recently shared, both Justin and Kate took to social media to celebrate their first wedding anniversary with sweet Instagram posts. On her page, Kate shared a black and white photo of herself and Justin on the dance floor at their wedding. The two are lovingly looking into each other’s eyes while wearing huge smiles across their faces.

“This year has been the best year of my life! It had a crazy beginning with a World Series win and the BEST wedding weekend, where I got to marry my best friend and love of my life,” Upton wrote.

“Now to celebrate our love and our first year of marriage we are preparing to welcome a new addition to our family. I’m so excited to go through this journey of life with you! I love you so much! Happy One Year @justinverlander.”

For his part, Verlander shared a black and white photo of himself and Kate at their wedding ceremony. In the photo, Justin’s back is turned to the camera while it focuses on Upton. Like Kate, he wrote an equally heartfelt post, calling himself the luckiest man in the world. Among other things, he referred to the supermodel as his “best friend” and a “strong woman.”

Seems like it’s already been a pretty great month for the couple, to say the least.