4 Important Things From WWE ‘SmackDown’ — Title Change, Heel Turn, Becky Lynch, And More


SmackDown Live kicked off with big news this week, as WWE made it official that Becky Lynch is out of her massive Survivor Series match with Ronda Rousey. We found out who’d be replacing her in the match, who would walk into Survivor Series as the WWE Champion, and much more.

Becky Lynch Has A “Broken Face,” Charlotte Flair To Replace Her Against Rousey

The show opened up with a recap of the brawl last night. Announcers Tom Phillips, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton revealed that Becky Lynch will be unable to compete in the match at Survivor Series “due to a broken face.” Inquisitr first reported the news that Lynch would be out of the match earlier today.

The WWE made no attempt to hide the stiff punch from Nia Jax that injured the SmackDown Live Women’s Champion, as they showed multiple replays of the punch. The company even highlighted it to draw extra attention to the big punch. While there were rumors that Jax may get heat for the stiff shot, the WWE’s treatment of the incident doesn’t make it seem that way.

Later in the show, Lynch cut a promo about her injury and the fact that she can’t finish the job against Rousey. With the entire women’s roster in the ring, Becky Lynch chose Charlotte Flair to step in and face Rousey in her place. Charlotte was never finalized for the women’s team, and her competing against Rousey locks her out of that slot.

SmackDown Men’s Survivor Series Team In Flux

Outside of the Becky Lynch situation, much of SmackDown this week was focused on changing things up for men’s team at Survivor Series. At the start of the episode, the team consisted of Daniel Bryan, The Miz, Rey Mysterio, Samoa Joe, and Shane McMahon.

First, Daniel Bryan was removed from the team for attacking AJ Styles. With him off the team, and thus no longer the co-captain, The Miz wanted to remove Rey Mysterio from the team because that was Bryan’s pick. However, SmackDown GM Paige wouldn’t tolerate that and said that in order for Rey to be removed from the team, Miz would have to defeat Mysterio. Rey won the match and remained on the team.

SmackDown Live Tag Team Survivor Series Squad Locked In

The Usos cut a promo backstage motivating the tag team division. They spoke to the Colons, Gallows and Anderson, and SAnitY, revealing that they’d round out the team. The New Day and Usos we’re already on the team.

Daniel Bryan Is Your New WWE Champion (And He Might Be A Heel?)

After brawling at the start of the show, Shane McMahon made a championship match between Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles. Not only was the WWE Championship on the line, but the winner would get the chance to represent SmackDown against Brock Lesnar.

After a good match, the ref took a bump, Bryan landed a low blow, hit the running knee, and pinned Styles to win the WWE Championship. Once the match was over, Bryan continued to beat down Styles as the show went off the air, leading us to think he may have turned heel.