More Video Of The Norway Spiral

As we reported earlier today, footage of what’s been called the Norway Spiral has spread across the world, prompting some to suggest that we may have made first contact with an alien race.

Whether it’s a UFO or not we don’t know, and the alternative explanation is that the Norway Spiral was a Russian Rocket spinning out of control in the sky.

The Russians are denying launching a rocket the night the Norway Spiral was spotted, which they might very well do. But here’s the part that doesn’t make sense on the rocket theory: if the Russians did launch a rocket, it wouldn’t have gone unnoticed by the Americans, or other NATO allies in Europe who monitor for these things. Rocket launches have been monitored by either side since the Cold War, so if Russia were lying about a rocket launch, another country should have called them out on it.

What ever it is, the Norway Spiral video footage is fascinating. We’ve dug through YouTube for some more Norway Spiral video goodness.

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