NFL Rumors: Todd Bowles May Not Last The Week After Jets’ Embarrassing Loss To The Bills

Michael ReavesGetty Images

Todd Bowles may have committed his final act as head coach of the New York Jets, with growing rumors that he will be fired after the team’s embarrassing loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

The Jets entered the game at 3-6 and looking at a good chance to turn around their fortunes before the bye week, facing a Bills team that had scored just 33 points in the last four games combined. Instead, the Bills dismantled the Jets en route to a 41-10 blowout, which reports has Bowles on the cusp of being fired.

Bowles entered the season already on the hot seat after failing to follow up his 10-win debut season with anything competitive in the last three years. The Jets had been giving Bowles a chance to prove himself this year with a highly touted rookie quarterback in Sam Darnold and a defense believed to be good enough to put the team in playoff contention. Instead they enter the bye week at 3-7 and likely out of the playoff hunt before Thanksgiving.

After Sunday’s blowout, Todd Bowles said he isn’t thinking about whether he could lose his job.

“I don’t worry about my job,” Bowles told reporters, via ESPN. “I don’t talk about my job. I just try and get to the next game. It’s a business when you sign up for it.”

The report noted that the Jets have been historically timid about firing coaches during the season, not doing it since the 1970s, but many believe this year could be the exception. The betting outfit OddsShark has identified Bowles as one of the most likely coaches to be axed this season, and Sunday’s loss to the Bills had many calling for his head.

Kimberly A. Martin, NFL writer for Yahoo Sports, wrote after Sunday’s loss that the fan base has already decided that Bowles should not be back and that this is already a lost season.

“The visceral, emotional response of a frustrated Jets fan base was clear on social media and in living rooms across the Tri-State area: Fire him now, they shrieked as Sunday’s 41-10 loss dragged on. Fire him at halftime. Fire him before the bye week begins. Just get him out of here.”

If the NFL rumors are accurate and the New York Jets do end up firing Todd Bowles, this would likely be the week it happens. The team is entering its bye week, with two weeks to put an interim coach in place should they choose to part ways with Bowles now rather than at the end of the season.