‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Daisy Creepily Heals Oscar’s Tumor Headache, Impresses Kristina

Todd WawrychukABC Press

Newcomer Daisy seems to have a healing touch, as seen on last week’s General Hospital. She has been hanging around at Charlie’s Pub being all friendly to both Oscar and Kristina. They are both vulnerable, as each are going through a different situation in their life and along comes this strange girl, who always has a smile on her face, offering them some encouragement. But now it has become a little weird.

Oscar began getting a bad headache and that is a very bad thing for someone with an inoperable brain tumor. Julian contacted Kim, but before she could get there, the situation was under control. Daisy had taken care of it and Oscar went back to work as if nothing had happened. This girl rubbed his temples and he seemed to be cured of his headache, at least for now. As ABC Soaps In Depth said, everyone is wondering exactly what Daisy is up to.

She also gave Kristina a self-help book called, Every Day Is A New Dawn. She encouraged her to read it and to join her group of friends. Oscar is already more involved as he is staying with them during his court proceedings. This could be very bad for him, especially if Daisy and her buddies convince him that he could be cured just by following this book, or something like that.

General Hospital fans are very curious to find out what she is really up to. Most are truly convinced that she is a part of a cult and is trying to lure both Oscar and Kristina in. It seems that they are slowly taking the bait.

Oscar is living on his own, but may soon need his family’s help if he gets into trouble with this girl. Kristina is also trying to figure out where she fits and is confused about her life. Little does Daisy know that Kristina’s father is mobster Sonny Corinthos. Or maybe she does and isn’t too worried about it.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Oscar will soon be conflicted. That could mean that he may just start to change his mind about his family and the court case to be able to make his own medical decisions. His health may even get worse as the holidays approach. He may not even make it through taking his parents to court.

Stay tuned to General Hospital to see if Daisy really does know how to heal people or if she is scamming everyone.