Melania Trump & Ivanka’s Reportedly ‘Complicated’ Relationship Doesn’t Seem To Be Improving, Per ‘The Cut’

Mark WilsonGetty Images

The relationship between Melania Trump and Ivanka is reportedly “complicated,” as some believe that the latter’s position in the White House causes “tension,” according to the Cut. The publication also noted that Chief of Staff John Kelly was recently called on to resolve an issue surrounding the two’s latest Instagram videos, although the exact details are fuzzy.

The Cut speculates that the issue is based on Melania and Ivanka both “using a black child in a photo op,” but they’re not sure if that’s true.

“John Kelly was tasked with talking to the teams of both women about the… overlap of black children photographed in official White House press materials and Instagram posts? Did Melania think that Ivanka was copying her? It’s very unclear.”

Whatever happened, it seems that the two are not exactly best friends, even after all this time. But that could all just be speculation, as Elite Daily noted that they rarely talk about one another during interviews.

Also worth noting is that Ivanka was 24-years-old when Melania married Donald in 2005. So Melania wasn’t a part of Ivanka’s childhood years, and the two are only 11 years apart in age. And it turns out that Melania doesn’t feel like a mother figure to Donald’s “grown” children.

“They are grown-up. I don’t see myself as their mother. I am their friend, and I’m here when they need me.”

And while Ivanka has made positive comments about Melania in the past, some wonder if she was just pretending for the sake of the presidential election.

In the meantime, the First Lady was noticeably absent in the days leading up to the mid-term elections. This is what her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, said, according to Yahoo News.

“Due to her schedule as a mother and as first lady, especially with the upcoming holidays and international travel, there are no plans for her to campaign.”

Melania’s devotion to her son, Barron, is something that’s undeniable. She drops him off and picks him up from school every day. And when she talked about motherhood this past Mother’s Day, she went into depth about the impact of being a mother, detailed People.

“Because of the powerful bond between a mother and her child, when they feel emotions, so do we – whether they are happy or nervous, sad or excited, we feel those things with them. I think it is one of the most powerful and beautiful parts of motherhood.”

So while Melania may not feel like a mother to Ivanka or Donald Jr., she has her hands full with Barron. He’s actually the “first cognizant pre-teen boy” to live in the White House since Charles Taft II lived there in 1908, reported E! News.