Meghan Markle’s Sister, Samantha, Slams Haters On Twitter & Involves The FBI

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Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha, has caused quite the commotion ever since the Duchess was set to be married to Prince Harry. It all started with Samantha reportedly encouraging her dad, Thomas, to take staged paparazzi photos, which is believed to be the starting point of the seemingly never-ending family drama that has ensued since. Most recently, the sister showed up at Kensington Palace without an invitation, and left after handing a letter to a guard. Also, Samantha has announced on Twitter that she’s nearing completion of her tell-all book, which was initially called Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister, which has now been updated to A Tale of Two Sisters.

Throughout it all, Samantha has called Meghan demeaning names, including Duch-a**, along with insulting Prince Harry on his birthday with a message using a hamster GIF. And it hasn’t made her the most well-liked Markle among royal fans, and it shows, as Samantha has been going back and forth with a couple of Twitter users in particular. It got so bad for the sister, that she’s announced that she’s reported the users to the FBI. In addition, Samantha has also tagged the authorities from time to time, including in the tweet from yesterday.

“I have cyber bullies threatening radio stations, photo shopping documents, circulating obsolete documents, engaging in recruiting and targeted harassment. I will NOT be bullied by you. Cyberstalking and cyber bullying are crimes. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time @FBI”

Markle has also called out a couple of users specifically, including one that goes by Coconut Boombox, and uses the Twitter handle @DuchessOfCrazy.

“#CoconutBoomBox no one in this family has been demanding. You can shut your mouth and mind your own business. No one is afraid of you or your goonies. Hise behind avatars little in competent person. Go away gnat. Go hide in your closet with tabloids.”

The user appears to have dedicated their entire Twitter feed to bringing down Samantha.

And she’s not the only one that’s facing Samantha’s wrath. The sister announced on October 28 that she’d uncovered the identity of another Twitter user that she called a “stalker,” and noted that the user “has been traced and reported to FBI recruiting for targeted harassment with intent to intimidate and harass #@bostonpolice @BuffaloPoliceNy @FBI”

Meanwhile, a press release that Samantha posted to her Twitter revealed that she would be hosting a podcast, detailed the Inquisitr. The show is expected to address many social issues, including cyberbullying. Notably, that issue is also very close to first lady Melania Trump, who’s initiative, “Be Best,” strives to educate people about cyberbullying.