Elizabeth Olson Previously Contacted For ‘Survivor: Ghost Island’

Robert VoetsCBS Entertainment

Warning: Article contains spoilers from this week’s episode.

As those who watched this week episode of Survivor: David vs. Goliath know, Elizabeth Olson became the first post-merge victim to be evicted during tribal council. After her eviction from the game, Elizabeth caught up with Entertainment Weekly during their post-eviction interview.

During the interview, Elizabeth revealed the producers of Survivor originally sought her out to be a castaway on a previous season of the CBS reality TV show, but the timing wasn’t right.

In the last couple of episodes of Survivor 37, Elizabeth had started to ruffle the feathers of some of the other former members of the David tribe. Elizabeth wanted to reconstruct the shelter to make a more comfortable bed to sleep on. Unfortunately, some of her fellow castaways were not happy with the idea and it created a bit of tension on camp.

Olson broke down during the episode and revealed to her castaways she had back troubles that had prevented her from walking five months prior to the start of Survivor 37. During the interview, Entertainment Weekly asked for details regarding the back pain drama.

“First of all, I had a baby with a C-section five months before the game started,” the first Survivor 37 juror explained. Elizabeth then proceeded to dish on the fact that she had been contacted by Survivor before for Survivor: Ghost Island, the 36th season of the show.

“I had been contacted actually for Ghost Island — pretty late in the process but they were very interested in getting me. But I was about three months pregnant when they actually called me back and so obviously I couldn’t go out there for that. But yeah, I called people from Survivor and said, ‘Hey, dude. I can’t even hardly walk to go to the bathroom,’ and they were like, ‘Dude, we’ve got to have you on this season.’ I didn’t know it was David vs. Goliath, but they said I was tied to the theme.”

Unfortunately for Elizabeth, the drama surrounding the bed was ultimately what cost her the game as the former Goliath team simply looked for a former David the rest of the Davids were willing to vote out to make as little waves as possible while keeping the majority.

Olson told Entertainment Weekly she didn’t regret her decision to try to rebuild the bed as she felt it was the only way she had a chance at winning.

“I felt my brain going down the toilet because of the lack of sleep. And, for me, it sounds crazy, but fixing that bed was my chance to win Survivor, because I needed my brain and I was literally sleeping zero to an hour every night and my brain was quickly evaporating. And I knew that if I was going to win Survivor, I needed my brain, dude,” she explained toward the end of the interview.