Jessa Duggar Reveals Son Henry’s Green-Colored Breakfast Of Champions

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Jessa Duggar has shared a few photos of sons Spurgeon and Henry this past week that have fans loving every minute of it. The curly-haired cuties were all dressed up earlier in the week for John David Duggar’s wedding. Now that they are back home in Arkansas, the boys are just chilling, and apparently hungry.

The 26-year-old Duggar daughter took to social media to share an Instagram story of Henry sitting in his high chair at the kitchen table eating breakfast. That doesn’t seem too unusual, that is until you see what the little guy is eating. The 1-year-old has a huge pile of peas in front of him.

At first he is picking just a couple up at a time as he puts them into his mouth. He must have gotten tired rather quickly of that because he then starts grabbing fistfuls of peas and shoving them in. Jessa called it the “Breakfast of Champions.” That could very well be, but veggies for breakfast is certainly not the first choice for most boys his age. He was rather enjoying himself and looked pretty intense while eating them.

The next story clip revealed that peas aren’t the only thing he likes. He is seen enjoying a few Cheerios later on in the day. The second clip was actually showing off his post-nap time hair. His blond locks were sticking straight up in the back. Jessa tried getting him to turn around toward the camera, but he was pretty intent on eating his cereal to pay much attention. It looks like he just loves to eat.

Earlier in the week, Jessa Duggar shared snaps of the boys as they were all dressed up for their uncle’s nuptials. They had on little suits and bow ties. Henry was all decked out in one of the photos. According to a previous Inquisitr report, Jessa just celebrated her 26th birthday on November 4 and she shared her son’s pictures that day as well. Both Ben and Jessa, as well as a few of the other Duggar family members, were on hand to send out their love and best wishes to John David and Abbie Duggar on their wedding day.

The Seewalds have talked about having more kids, even possibly adopting a couple, but that hasn’t happened yet. For now, they are enjoying their time with Spurgeon and Henry until their next little one comes along. After all, Jessa did have a case of baby fever this summer when Felicity Vuolo was born to Jinger and Jeremy. You just never know when the next announcement will be.