Reese Witherspoon Shares Love For Fall Season In Latest Instagram Post

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

A little more than an hour ago, Reese Witherspoon treated her 15.1 million Instagram followers to a very festive fall photo.

The festive photo featured an elated Reese standing in front of a rustic dark wooden door with white brick on either side. The 42-year-old actress donned a very fall-themed outfit with a black and white jacket featuring a fun diagonal pattern. She sported a long sleeve white undershirt, with the sleeves pulled up to her elbows as she appeared to have just returned from apple picking. Reese complemented her jacket with a pair of flattering jean bottoms and simple black boots.

The blonde bombshell appeared to keep things simple in the hair and cosmetics department. Parted to the side, her long gorgeous locks had loose waves as they draped down her torso. With a vibrant smile on her face, Reese held a wooden bucket overflowing with apples.

“I love fall for so many reasons… the changing of leaves, cooler weather, and all things apple!” Reese penned in the caption of her Instagram post. She chased her caption with a colorful array of apple and leaf emoticons.

Inside of two hours, Reese’s Instagram followers showered her fall picture with over 63,000 likes and over 400 comments. For the most part, her supportive following seemed to agree apples played a huge role in what made the fall season so magical.

“And the best apples come right off the trees!! Do you have your own apple trees?” one follower questioned in the comment section, wanting to know more about where exactly Reese got the apples from.

A second chimed in, “A woman after my own heart! #appleeverything.”

A few of her followers even took the time to open a discussion about what type of apples are the best.

“Macintosh are my favorite,” one individual said.

Reese did have a few individuals who focused less on the apples and more on the jacket she was currently wearing. Namely, they wanted to know who designed it and where they could get one.

“This coat is amazing!! Who makes it!?” one individual asked.

“Please tell us where you got this jacket,” a second begged.

A third added regarding the jacket: “I love that coat!!! Where is it from???”

A few of Reese’s fans even jokingly referred to her as “the apple of their eye.”

Many preferred to keep things simple and commented with their own colorful array of leaves and apples.

Some suggested that Reese consider turning her supply of apples into some delicious pie or cider.