‘Married… With Children’ Now Available On Hulu

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If you are currently in the market for a new series you can binge from start to finish through, Hulu may just have the answer as they recently dropped all 11 seasons of Married… with Children into their streaming library.

As Decider reminds us, Married… with Children was a very unique and controversial sitcom when it made its debut on April 5, 1987. With 11 seasons under its belt, the series aired on Fox for a decade with the final episode airing in 1997.

This hilarious family sitcom made its debut during a time when other well-known sitcoms were currently airing including Family Ties, Growing Pains, and Who’s the Boss? According to Decider, the series was considered a “scummy spin-off” of the typical family sitcom viewers had grown accustomed to.

The series starred Ed O’Neill and Katey Sagal as Al and Peggy Bundy. The series focused on the struggles of maintaining a family in the Chicago suburbs. At the time, Fox was the only network fit to handle the controversial series.

For those unfamiliar with the show’s history, there was an episode deemed so inappropriate and controversial, Fox pulled it from the line-up and never aired it on their network. Episode 10 of Season 3 titled “I’ll See You In Court,” was aired several years after the series ended as a special on Fox’s counterpart FX in 2002. The controversial episode is available for streaming – along with the rest of the series – on Hulu.

In today’s society, the subject matter of the series (or any of the episodes for that matter) would not be such a controversial issue. In fact, the theme of the series is comparable Showtime’s hit series Shameless. This is arguably why Sagal was able to transition so flawlessly into the cast of Shameless for the latest season of the Showtime series.

For subscribers who enjoy binging through a sitcom from the 80’s or 90’s, Married… with Children is one of many currently available for streaming in the Hulu library. Other sitcoms you can binge through include:

  • Perfect Strangers
  • Family Matters
  • Cheers
  • Wings
  • Frasier

Notably, there are several older sitcoms on Hulu as well including I Love Lucy and The Brady Bunch.

It didn’t take long for Hulu subscribers to take to Twitter to express their excitement for the release of all 11 seasons of Married… with Children. Many subscribers joked about being unavailable until they binge through the entire series.

Many fans of the series even went as far as tagging Hulu and thanking them for adding the Married… with Children to the library.

Some pointed out that the streaming giant had done an incredible job with additions of older shows lately. Hulu also recently added King of the Hill to their streaming library, which was also well-received by their subscribers.

In total, Married… with Children is 259 episodes in length.