NBA Trade Talk: Lakers Could Offer Huge Package Of At Least Five Players To Pelicans For Anthony Davis

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It should come as no surprise that any number of NBA teams would be happy to trade away the majority of their roster for Anthony Davis. Many are hoping to be able to lure him away from the New Orleans Pelicans during free agency in a couple of years, but that isn’t stopping some from trying to receive him in a trade before that time. Rumor has it that the Los Angeles Lakers are one of those teams and are willing to offer a lot for the MVP candidate.

For years, the L.A. Lakers have been moving ahead with a youth movement that simply hasn’t been working out for them. After signing LeBron James in the offseason, it was obvious that the team had simply moved part of the way away from that plan and hoped one of the greatest players ever could help the franchise.

Still, things aren’t working out quite as they had hoped and that is evident by the 5-6 record the Lakers have to start this season. That is why rumors persist that they will go after Anthony Davis in free agency, but it could be that they make a run at him long before that time comes.

According to LA Sports Hub, that run could come with an absolutely gigantic trade package.

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The Lakers had been taking hard looks at Kawhi Leonard of the Toronto Raptors, but they may have already lost that battle. According to Yahoo Sports, Leonard already has his preference to join the Los Angeles Clippers next season instead of joining LeBron James with the Lakers.

As a matter of fact, James being there is the reason that Leonard supposedly doesn’t want to join the Lakers. Going to the Clippers means that it would be Leonard who is the leader of the team, and he could develop his own legacy in Los Angeles.

With that information known, the Lakers are turning their full attention to Anthony Davis in free agency or via trade. LA Sports Hub says that trading for Davis would be huge for Los Angeles, but they’re willing to offer a trade package just as big in return.

Of course, nothing is set in stone at this time and everything is virtually speculation.

It is possible that the Lakers could look to send Brandon Ingram, Moritz Wagner, Josh Hart, and two first-round picks to the Pelicans for Davis. That is an absolutely insane amount of players and picks for just one, but it’d be hard for anyone to argue that Anthony Davis isn’t worth the risk. LA Sports Hub states that Davis is worth at least a trade package including those three players and two picks.

The front office for New Orleans has said in the past that they wouldn’t trade away their star player for anyone. That “anyone” includes one of the greatest entertainers on the planet in Beyonce.

Again, nothing is confirmed at this point, but there is talk that the Lakers could look at going for the big trade as soon as this very season.

Heavy points out that Davis is under contract to the Pelicans through 2019-20 with a player option for 2020-21. If it was up to those in New Orleans, he won’t be going anywhere before that time and will remain in the “Big Easy” after that time too.

Still, could any team turn down the L.A. Lakers if they’re offering up five players for one?