Ariana Grande Gives Out Ruthless Engagement Ring Shopping Advice On Instagram

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Ariana Grande shared her tip for people looking to buy an engagement ring, and it is brutally simple: “don’t.” The singer famously got engaged to, and then unengaged to, Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson. So when The Zoe Report offered to share its top 13 tips for finding the perfect engagement ring on Instagram, Grande found the perfect way to weigh in. According to Us Weekly, the 25-year-old has fans living for her take on matrimony.

A month ago, the famous duo called off their four-month engagement. At the time, the pair said that the split was amicable, but the singer seems to be holding on to some anger about the whole situation. After Davidson made a series of jokes about the break-up on SNL, she clapped back.

“For somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh. Thank u, next,” she wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

Shortly after the singer dropped a song called “Thank U, Next,” which references Davidson and his apparent decision to end the relationship, along with other ex-boyfriends.

“Even almost got married / And for Pete, I’m so thankful,” the lyrics say.

Davidson addressed the break-up on Saturday Night Live after the song hit airwaves.

“I know some of you are curious about the breakup, but the truth is, it’s nobody’s business,” he told viewers. “Sometimes things just don’t work out, and that’s okay. She’s a wonderful, strong person, and I genuinely wish her all the happiness in the world.”

After the series of exchanges, a source close to Grande told E! News that she was hurt by Davidson’s jokes on the show.

“She wasn’t amused by Pete’s jokes at all,” the source said. “They made an agreement that they would not address their relationship or discuss it after they split up. He violated that agreement and it really hurt her. She knew he would see her tweet.”

The couple got engaged after a month of dating when Davidson gave Grande a $100,000 engagement ring, which she returned after the couple split.

Grande has had a rough few years. Prior to her ended engagement, the “Side to Side” singer witnessed a terrorist attack at one of her concerts in Manchester, England, which left 22 dead. She also lost her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, to a drug overdose on Fentanyl and cocaine. The loss of her ex has been blamed for contributing to the stress that ended Davidson and Grande’s engagement.