August 5, 2015
Kim Richards: From 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' To Homeless And 'Wrecking Her Life'

Things continue to spiral downhill for former reality star Kim Richards. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum was recently arrested for shoplifting over $600 worth of items from Target. Her latest trouble with the law is just one of many such incidents that have occurred this year.

Richards, who began her television career as a child star and has appeared in numerous television roles over the years, was arrested back in April for trespassing, public drunkenness, resisting arrest, and assault on a police officer. The incident occurred while Richards was staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and she subsequently spent a night in jail for her actions.

Following her April arrest, Richards spent some time in rehab to deal with her addictions. However, the reality star quit rehab in June, and according to People, quickly overstayed her welcome with family and friends, who are tired of dealing with her.

"No one understands what she's doing... Her family is so concerned. And they're fed up. She's cut herself off from friends and family who care about her."
The source continued to reveal that Kim Richards doesn't have a place to live, and has been "bouncing around" between staying with friends and her sister, Kathy Hilton. "She moved out of her old place and put her things in storage before she was arrested," the source explained. "She didn't have a chance to find a new place."

Despite a successful career in television and her appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the insider added that Richards has thoroughly "mismanaged her money." This has led to Richards' not having a place to live, which was why she was living out of her car when she arrested for shoplifting.

"She is wrecking her life. But she won't accept any responsibility for it."
Meanwhile, one of Richard's ex-husbands, Monty Brinson, recently talked with Entertainment Tonight and took to the defense of his ex-wife. "I am in complete shock. Guaranteed this must be some kind of mistake," he stated in the interview. "The facts will come out soon."

In light of recent events, it still isn't known if Richards was intoxicated during her latest arrest, though it might explain her bizarre behavior. At that same time, a source close to Richards told TMZ that she is "self-medicating," which could be another reason why she can't seem to get the help she desperately needs.

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[Image Courtesy: Bravo]