‘B&B’ Casting For The Week Of November 12: Ken The IT Guy Investigates Judge McMullen

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Bold and the Beautiful casting news for the week of November 12 reveals that two key characters will make a comeback during the week. Judge Craig McMullen (Joe Lando) and the IT specialist, Ken (Danny Woodburn) will return to the spotlight, per Highlight Hollywood. Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) will seek answers as to what really went on — and will leave no stone unturned until he gets what he wants, according to the Inquisitr.

Joe Lando Returns To Bold and the Beautiful As Judge Craig McMullen

Joe Lando will reprise the hunky role of Judge Craig McMullen on Bold and the Beautiful. The last time that viewers saw the judge, he had just awarded sole custody of Will Spencer (Finnegan George) to Katie Logan Forrester. He also told Bill that he could ask the court to review the decision in a few months. Later, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) confronted Judge McMullen about colluding with her husband. He eventually admitted his wrongdoing to her, which infuriated Ridge because he did not want Brooke to know of his misdeeds.

It can be argued that Katie had a solid case, but viewers also know that Ridge had a little chat with his old friend Craig. He convinced his old school chum that Bill was a deadbeat dad and that Katie deserved full custody of her son. Although Judge McMullen was initially very apprehensive about making this ruling, he owed Ridge for paying his law school tuition.

B&B Welcomes Back Danny Woodburn As Ken The IT Specialist

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that after Brooke does not tell Bill the truth about Ridge manipulating the judge, he will call for the expertise of Ken, the IT specialist. Ken has a reputation on the show as the guy to call if you need an extra hand in an investigation.

The last time that viewers saw Ken, Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher) and Katie had hired him to figure out who had been posting threatening messages on the “Hope For The Future” board. Everyone was stunned when he said that the messages were posted from Sally Spectra’s (Courtney Hope) computer.

In the same vein, Bill will hire Ken to find a link between Craig and Ridge. He needs concrete evidence to tie the dressmaker to the judge. Since Ridge used a burner phone, they might initially struggle to pinpoint him as the person whom Craig regularly called, but Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise that Justin Barber (Aaron D. Spears) and Bill will set a trap.

By arranging a meeting between the judge and the Forrester, they will be able to triangulate the calls — if Ridge has the burner phone on him. On the other hand, Ken might find out that Ridge paid the judge’s tuition fees so many years ago.

It seems as if these two pivotal characters will bring the drama with them next week. Woodburn is scheduled to appear on Monday, November 12, while Lando will return on November 12, 13, 14, and 15.

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