Jennifer Lopez Cuddles With Her & Alex Rodriguez’s Daughters As He Calls Them ‘My Queens’

Alex Rodriguez shared a sweet photo of himself and girlfriend Jennifer Lopez cuddling up to their daughters on his Instagram page while referring to all the ladies in his life as being “my queens.” The adorable photo shared by the former baseball player on November 7 showed the foursome all snuggling up together while out for dinner.

Jennifer snuggled up to her 9-year-old daughter Emme, while Alex put his arm around his daughter, 13-year-old Natasha. JLo is mom to twins Max and Emme with former husband Marc Anthony, while A-Rod is also dad to 9-year-old Ella with former wife Cynthia Curtis.

The sweet new photo showed Jennifer and Alex matching each other in all-black ensembles as they sat next to one another at a restaurant, while Natasha and Emme both wore light blue for the fun family event.

Writing in the caption, Rodriguez proved that he’s all about female empowerment as he gushed about the ladies while also praising the women who won seats in the U.S. House of Representatives following the recent U.S. midterm election earlier this week.

“Proud and excited to be witnessing #herstory alongside these leading ladies as more women have won seats in the US House of Representatives than ever before,” Alex wrote.

Jennifer’s boyfriend of more than a year and a half then continued in the caption, “There’s no better time for my girls to grow up seeing examples of women dreaming, believing, and achieving.”

He then continued to gush over the girls by adding the empowering hashtags “thefutureisfemale” and “myqueens” with a crown emoji.

The sweet family photo already has more than 110,000 likes since A-Rod shared it online, as well as a number of comments from both his and Lopez’s fans.

“You seem to be such a great dad,” one fan told Alex after seeing his latest upload supporting his girlfriend, daughters, and women in politics.

Alex Rodriguez calls Jennifer Lopez & daughters "my Queens"

“Honestly, ARod must be protected at all costs. What an amazing father and man!” another said on the social media site, while one Instagram user advised the athlete, “Don’t ever let Jennifer go.. she’s the best woman ever.”

Jennifer has previously opened up about how well her and Alex’s kids get along, sharing during an appearance on a radio show earlier this year that her kids, Max and Emma, and her boyfriend’s kids, Ella and Natasha, have a great relationship.

“That stuff can be tricky sometimes and I think a lot of people understand that, and I’ve had other relationships where it’s been tricky but with these four it really works nicely,” JLo revealed during an appearance on the Cubby and Carolina in the Morning radio show in August.

“The four of them are amazingly special kids,” she then continued of their three daughters and her son during the interview, adding that the foursome are “sweet and they’re loving and they deal with us and our lifestyle in such a great way.”

Lopez then added that all four of the kids “love each other” and “get along so good,” which the couple has proven on multiple occasions via photos on social media, before noting that she and Rodriguez “couldn’t have asked for more” when it comes to their children.

Both often share sweet family snaps online showing their kids hanging out together.

Jennifer recently shared a snap of the blended family all walking the red carpet at her final Las Vegas residency show earlier this year and also gushed about Alex in the Instagram caption.

Lopez referred to him as being a “great daddy” while admitting that his skill as a father is one of the things she loves most about her man.