David Lynch May Be Seeking Funding For A Movie Based On Blues Legend Robert Johnson

It’s nearly impossible to predict what David Lynch will do next in the world of film. He made a string of movies from the 1970s until 2006, which mostly garnered widespread acclaim. After the release of the 2006 film Inland Empire, however, Lynch went dark in the world of cinema. He didn’t resurface with another movie or television show until nearly a decade later, with the 2017 resurrection of Twin Peaks.

Now it appears Lynch is hard at work trying to fund a new film project, according to Consequence of Sound. David Lynch himself has not made any announcements about an upcoming film project, but he was recently spotted at the Netflix headquarters, which sparked rumors that perhaps he was working on something new. Many speculated that Twin Peaks could be headed for Netflix, while others wondered if it could be something unrelated.

While the answer to what Lynch was doing at Netflix isn’t clear, it appears to be coming into focus. Writer Jeff Jackson of Vulture recently penned an article, in which he confirms that David Lynch is currently developing a movie based on the life of blues legend Robert Johnson. The script, Jackson says, is based on the book Love in Vain, written originally by Alan Greenberg.

The report also mentioned that Martin Scorsese was previously interested in helming the adaptation, but nothing ever materialized.

David Lynch is notoriously protective over his upcoming film and television projects. Many of the actors in the 2017 series Twin Peaks: The Return stated that they were only given the parts of the script in which their characters appeared. Aside from lead actor Kyle MacLachlan, only creators David Lynch and Mark Frost knew the plot details. Nothing about the series and where its story might go was revealed until the first episode premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. For Lynch’s work-in-progress to be discovered this far ahead of a potential green light is generally uncharacteristic for the 72-year-old filmmaker.

Lynch has yet to confirm or deny whether or not any such project exists.

David Lynch generally denies giving any interpretations to his films. Movies like Eraserhead, Mulholland Drive, and Blue Velvet have captivated and confused audiences across the world, but Lynch has consistently denied providing any further details as to what deeper meaning, if any, those films may have. Earlier this year, however, Lynch felt it was time to finally clarify one point. After his name made headlines following a vague statement about president Donald Trump, many people began suspecting Lynch may be a silent Trump supporter. Trump himself touted Lynch’s support while speaking at a rally.

David Lynch came forward to clarify that his is not a Trump supporter, and adding that he felt Trump had caused “much suffering.” Donald Trump did not respond to the director’s comments.

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