‘Westworld’ Season 3: Aaron Paul Reveals New Details About His Character

It is still a very long wait until Season 3 of HBO’s Westworld is ready to be released. However, Aaron Paul has opened up and revealed some tantalizing new information about his character.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Aaron Paul has signed on for Season 3 of Westworld. When the announcement was made back in September, very little was known about Paul’s new character. In fact, the only news that could be reported about the character was that fellow cast members were excited to have Aaron Paul on board for Season 3 of Westworld.

Now, Aaron has spoken out about his new role. When quizzed by ET Online, Paul revealed that his character will bring “excitement, danger, suspense [and] honesty” to the third season of Westworld. He also states that he “may or may not be” a host.

In Westworld, a host is one of the robotic characters. Season 2 saw many of these hosts revolt against the humans in a bid to be free from their control. Of course, some hosts, like Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), live among the humans in their world and know that hosts exist even if they don’t know they are also one of them. Most hosts, however, have no idea that they are robotic and live on in oblivion until they are told or become self-aware, such as Maeve (Thandie Newton) did.

When questioned by Digital Spy about his new role in Westworld, Aaron Paul spoke a lot about the show itself and very little about his character.

“All I can say is it’s par for the course,” Paul said.

“What is so great about Westworld is it’s just so inventive and different and dangerous and gory, but this doesn’t shy away from that, this particular new addition. I’m excited to join the team, that’s really all I can say.

While little information has been revealed about Aaron’s new role, Digital Spy has revealed that the character “will play a crucial role in events in the upcoming batch of episodes.”

As for when Season 3 of Westworld will air, it appears the prediction of 2020 at the earliest is a possibility. Aaron revealed that he hasn’t even looked at scripts for Season 3 yet and that they won’t be available until at least March of next year.

“I haven’t read any scripts, but we don’t start ’til next March, I believe, March or April, but what they told me about the world and this person, it was very exciting,” Paul revealed to ET Online.

Season 3 of Westworld will premiere on HBO.

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