Wilmer Valderrama ‘Freaking Out’ Over Demi Lovato’s New Romance With Henry Levy, Per ‘Hollywood Life’

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

While Demi Lovato may appear to be smitten with the new man in her life, there’s one person who is not — her ex, Wilmer Valderrama.

Since her overdose over the summer, Valderrama has been by Demi’s side, visiting her both at the hospital and at the rehab facility that she was staying in. But now that Demi is out of the treatment facility and back in the Los Angeles area again, she has been spending a lot of time with Henry Levy — a clothing designer and the founder of clothing brand Enfants Riches Deprimes — and Wilmer doesn’t think it’s the best idea.

According to Hollywood Life, Wilmer is disappointed to hear that Demi has been spending so much time with someone new, and he fears for her well-being. Since Levy also struggled with addiction issues in the past, Wilmer doesn’t think that he’s the best influence for Lovato. Levy has reportedly been in and out of rehab since he was a teenager.

“He wishes that, after her near fatal incident, Demi would take her sobriety more seriously and make her health her top priority,” a source shared.

“Wilmer feels jumping into a new relationship is not the healthiest decision for Demi right now, so he worries for her and fears she will be hurt again or end up back in the hospital again or worse.”

“Even though he doesn’t know the guy personally, he’s heard enough things about him to believe he may not be the best influence on Demi,” the source continued. “Especially right now when she’s still in recovery and in a pretty fragile and vulnerable state.”

The same source goes on to share that Wilmer feels like he is in a tough position, because he still really cares for Demi. At the same time, she is his ex-girlfriend — so the lines are a little bit blurred. Wilmer allegedly doesn’t want Demi to think that he doesn’t want her seeing Henry because he still has feelings for her — so, for now, Wilmer is going to keep his mouth shut, and not say anything to Demi about her alleged romance.

As the Inquisitr shared earlier this week, Lovato and Levy have been spotted spending lots of time together following Demi’s most recent stint in rehab. Not only did the pair attend an AA meeting together — and grab coffee in each other’s company — they also were seen getting cozy at Beverly Hills hot spot Matsuhisa. Though it is not confirmed as to whether or not the pair are indeed dating, they were photographed holding hands at the table — apparently looking pretty happy together.

Demi recently completed 90 days of sobriety, a huge milestone for anyone struggling with addiction.