Major ‘Modern Family’ Spoilers: Is There An Imminent Pitter-Patter Of Little Feet?

Robert AshcroftGetty Images

In a preview for Wednesday’s episode of Modern Family, it looks like fans are in for some major bombshells this week.

Shared to the popular comedy’s Facebook page, the preview features Alex (Ariel Winter) freaking out at her father Phil (Ty Burrell) for potentially having served as a Russian spy (so many questions), Gloria (Sophia Vergara) seemingly getting soccer and football confused, and a blank screen over which a (presumably) doctor can be heard saying “You’re pregnant.”

Now, to be fair, we’ve no idea who she could be talking to, but let’s run down the possibilities here. There’s Claire (Julie Bowen), who is already a mother of three and somewhere in her mid-40s by now. There’s Gloria, who has already had one shock pregnancy on the show which was announced at the end of Season 4 and resulted in Joe (Jeremy Maguire), Manny’s (Rico Rodriguez) little half-brother. The only two other realistic options would be Claire and Phil’s two daughters, Haley (Sarah Hyland) and Alex. Both are in their 20s and in relationships.

Just last week, after the much-anticipated death episode, Winter spoke to E! News, and shared that there were more twists and turns to come in this season of the show. Could an unplanned pregnancy be one of those twists?

While Alex has been in a seemingly steady relationship with firefighter Bill (Jimmy Tatro), Haley’s relationship(s) is a little more complicated. In Season 9, she started dating genius astrophysics professor Arvin Fennerman (Chris Geere). It looked for a couple of episodes as if the two were going to make it work, but next thing we knew, her old boyfriend Dylan (Reid Ewing) was back in the picture and fighting to win her back.

Trying to prove to herself that she had no feelings for Dylan, she kissed him, and when she later went to tell him that the kiss was a mistake, they ended up in bed together. Ultimately, she and Arvin broke up as she decided she wanted to be with Dylan, but if it is Haley who is being told she is pregnant in the clip this could throw a spanner in the works.

If the producers and directors of the show are going for “twists” as Winter stated, it seems likely they might put Haley in another situation where she has to make a life-altering decision, this time not only for herself but for another little human as well.