Adam Levine And Jonah Hill’s Moms Team Up To Form Charity Called ‘YourMomCares’

Adam Levine’s mom, Patsy Noah, and Jonah Hill’s mom, Sharon Feldstein, have teamed up for a special project, People is reporting. Noah and Feldstein actually became friends decades ago, when they met through their boyfriends while on a trip to Las Vegas in 1973. Coincidentally, both of their children rose to stardom, with Levine fronting the successful band Maroon 5 and Hill making a career as an actor and director. Feldstein is also the mother to Beanie Feldstein, who has also made her way up in the acting world like her brother.

Noah and Feldstein knew that they were in a position of privilege to have well-off, famous children, and knew they had to use that privilege to do something important. This inspired them to start the charity YourMomCares, a foundation that is dedicated to helping unprivileged children. They even got other celebrity mothers on board, and are now working with Alicia Keys’ mother, Terria Joseph; NBA star Chris Paul’s mom, Robin; Michael B. Jordan’s mom, Donna; and Jennifer Lopez’s mom Guadalupe Rodriguez, among others.

“Our kids grew up together, almost like brothers and sisters, and became people of note,” said Noah. “They have careers that are in the public eye and we thought this would help us bring attention to important causes.”

“Moms are so powerful,” said Feldstein. “If we put together all these mothers that care, imagine the impact we can make on kids’ lives.”

They have already made huge strides with YourMomCares, and recently were able to donate a $50,000 grant to Children’s Health Fund, a group that helps children receive quality health care. The money donated was particularly going towards helping diagnose, prevent, and cure mental illnesses in children. The YourMomCares official website says they want to put a special emphasis on mental health, but also want to work with a variety of youth-based charities. Feldstein and Noah are hoping to make even more partnerships in the future and help out multiple organizations that seek to provide aid to children.

Feldstein and Noah are not only able to use the fact that they’re mothers of people in the public eye to raise awareness, but they also have more opportunities to meet with people around the world. Feldstein said they’re “so grateful and lucky” to be able to use their positions to spread the word about their mission.

“We just want to help kids,”said Feldstein. “We want it to be the biggest group of mothers coming together, everybody’s included, to help any child we can. I’d love to help a gazillion million, but if we help one child, we did our job.”

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