‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Nelle Pops Up, Jason Supports Carly, And Margaux Makes A Discovery

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for the week of November 5 tease that there is a lot coming up that should get viewers buzzing. Ryan killed Mary Pat and stunned Laura by saying he wants to split, and fans now know that Sasha’s not really Nina’s biological daughter after all. The latest teasers hint that there’s more coming up with those storylines this week, along with a lot more regarding other characters throughout Port Charles.

According to Soap Central, Nelle will be causing some fresh chaos in some way. Michael will be hesitating over something and General Hospital spoilers detail that viewers will see Nelle during Thursday’s show.

In addition to Nelle shaking things up again somehow, Brad will be opening up to Britt during Wednesday’s episode. As the Inquisitr has detailed, it may be that he admits some, or all, of the truth about Wiley really being Jonah to her. The weight of this switch is crushing him and he may trust Britt to lend her support.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, SheKnows Soaps indicates that Margaux will be doing some digging. She’ll find something incriminating, and fans will be curious to see whether this relates to Mary Pat’s killing or perhaps her own story related to her mom, her father, and Scully.

Carly will be leaning on Jason in the wake of Mary Pat’s killing, as Ryan has ensured that she’ll be facing a lot of questions about her possible involvement. It sounds as if Curtis may throw himself into the investigation, or at least offer up his help, and Jordan will be getting some bad news soon.

Viewers will see Spencer busted by Charlotte over something and there’s a bit of Lucas coming up this week too. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Franco will be giving Nina some advice and Ava will be feeling both curious and anxious. Ryan has been manipulating her and fans are bracing themselves for what he might ultimately engineer in regards to her.

This week’s episodes will have Oscar leaning on his friends, and Elizabeth will be trying to get Cameron to open up to her. Terry will be sharing something with Liz and Kim will let Julian lend his support. There’s also a bit with Anna on the way and teasers indicate that she and Finn may face some interesting challenges as the month moves forward.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that there are intriguing twists and turns on the way and fans will be curious to see where things head next. Viewers have been anxious for juicy developments this fall and it looks like they may soon get what they’ve been wanting.