‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sasha Reveals The Truth And Valentin Is In On It

It may just get quite rough for Nina very soon if the truth comes out.

GH star Sofia Mattsson
Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images

It may just get quite rough for Nina very soon if the truth comes out.

On Friday’s episode of General Hospital, it was revealed that Sasha Gilmore is not actually Nina’s daughter. She spoke the truth while she and Valentin Cassadine were talking. This changes everything for Nina if she ever finds out that this girl is a fake.

Nina’s heart will break into pieces. She has longed for her own child and was heartbroken when she thought she had miscarried her baby while she was in a coma years ago. She thinks that Sasha is the child she thought she had lost. It was all too convenient for this girl to pop up out of nowhere and to be a perfect match for both DNA tests. However, the mother-daughter reunion is not exactly what it seems. As indicated by She Knows Soaps, Sasha revealed on Friday that she is not Nina’s daughter.

Even worse, Valentin was in on it. He is up to his old tricks. First he hides Peter’s true identity, and now he brings in this young girl who pretends to be his ex-wife’s long lost child just to lure her back into his arms. He almost succeeded but Nina pulled back. This whole thing is not going to end well.

Sasha assured Valentin that no one will ever know the truth, but he just wants her to leave town. Unfortunately, she likes what she sees in Port Charles, and that is Griffin Munro. Now she has a reason to stick around. General Hospital spoilers tease that Kiki will eventually catch on that her “sister” is trying to come between her and Griffin.

Now that the cat is out of the bag that Sasha is not Nina’s daughter, it seems that it is back to square one as to who she is or if she is even alive at this point. Many viewers of General Hospital are guessing that Kiki will turn out to be her child, especially since Kiki and Ava are at war. However, that could turn out to be really disastrous if Kiki ends up being killed by Ryan Chamberlain, which is the rumor going around. Poor Nina would then not only lose Sasha as a daughter, but also lose her real child. Plus, she may find out that Valentin was behind the Sasha ordeal.

There is always a possibility that Madeline lied about the baby being alive when she told Valentin. This is all going to eventually come out. Hopefully, Nina will find her real daughter and she doesn’t lose her again. Stay tuned to General Hospital to see if Nina finds out the truth for November sweeps.