‘Vote The Liar Out’: Progressive Group Mocks Ted Cruz With Ad Featuring Donald Trump

“I must tell you something about Ted Cruz. I have never, never met someone who lies more than Ted Cruz. One of the great liars of all time. That’s why we call him ‘Lyin’ Ted.’ Lyin’ Ted! He holds the Bible high, and then he lies,” now-President Donald Trump mocked and insulted party colleague Ted Cruz during the 2016 Republican primary.

Audio of Trump’s insults is now featured in a new ad by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee targeted at Ted Cruz, The Hill reports.

“Vote The Liar Out,” the ad — a video montage of sorts, with Ted Cruz appearing at campaign events, featuring audio of Donald Trump viciously mocking and insulting the Texas senator — states.

According to the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, the ad will be promoted via Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, and targeted at Republican and independent women voters.

Ted Cruz is competing against Democrat Beto O’Rourke whose campaign, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, is breaking fundraising records, with donations coming in from all across the United States.

In spite of that, according to a RealClearPolitics poll average, Ted Cruz is maintaining a relatively comfortable lead, but some prognosticators suggest that a close race would not be a surprise.

In a statement supplied to The Hill, Progressive Change Campaign Committee co-founder Adam Green explained that the ad is meant to push Trump’s base away from Cruz.

“They won’t be a sure vote after hearing Trump himself calling out Cruz’s dishonesty,” Green said.

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump appear to have put their differences aside, since the president has repeatedly and publicly endorsed the Texas senator, which can be interpreted as a signal that the Republican Party is aware of the fact that the polls are tightening.

According to the Guardian, Ted Cruz’s metamorphosis from “lyin'” Ted to “beautiful” Ted is indicative of the shift in power between the two Republicans, but also a sign that the GOP is worried about the so-called “blue wave” materializing.

Apart from publicly backing Cruz, often via Twitter and in media interviews, Donald Trump has also held rallies for the Texas senator.

When Trump visited Texas and appeared on stage alongside Cruz, Raw Story observed that both men were displaying “awkward” body language, suggesting that Cruz’s metamorphosis from “lyin'” to “beautiful” is not what it seems.

The Democrats need two seats to win back the Senate majority.

According to a recent poll published by the Independent, the Democratic Party is more likely to win the House.

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