Cops’ Secret Clique: ‘Jump Out Boys’ Could Be Fired For ‘Unruly Behavior’

Los Angeles, CA – Several members of the cops’ secret clique known as the “Jump Out Boys” could be fired for participating in the club.

Sporting matching tattoos, several officers linked to the secret law enforcement club reportedly gathered together to celebrate shootings and aggressive tactics. According to the Los Angeles Times, all of the deputies involved could lose their jobs as a result.

Seven members of the cops’ secret clique recently received written notices that they could be terminated for their involvement with the “Jump Out Boys.” An investigation was launched after officials discovered a pamphlet which described the group’s violent agenda. The members are currently suspended with pay.

The Examiner explained these officers were assigned to an squadron that patrolled the streets in areas of Los Angeles teeming with crime. Although the group hasn’t done anything illegal, officials said their behavior reflects negatively on the department.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Steve Whitmore told Reuters:

“There are cliques that go to football games, that play cards, that go out on an evening — that’s all fine. I am talking about groups that fight, that exhibit unruly behavior, or say certain things that fly in the face of our core values.”

One of the group’s members explained that matching tattoos were often common among law enforcement officers. The individual also said the group promoted proactive policing as opposed to violent tactics.

An excerpt from one of the pamphlets reportedly reads:

“We are alpha dogs who think and act like the wolf, but never become the wolf. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty without any disgrace, dishonor, or hesitation.”

Although the department isn’t necessarily against cops forming cliques, Whitmore did say that officials were attempting to crack down on groups that promoted sinister or aggressive behavior.

Do you think the department should fire the deputies who are members of the cops’ secret clique?

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