Woman Gets 6-Foot Receipt After Buying Three Items At CVS, Picture Goes Viral

A photo of a CVS shopper has gone viral after a Washington D.C. woman bought just three items at the pharmacy, but received a nearly 6-foot long paper receipt with her purchase.

Emma Keane seemed to find the situation rather bemusing and posted a photo of herself standing next to the bill on her Twitter feed in early October. Keane, who is 5'8" tall, poses in front of her fridge holding the lengthy receipt above her head.

It seems as if Keane is receiving plenty of feedback about the 6-foot slip, and she recently posted her plans for the weekend in light of her sudden fame.

"My weekend plans are to just ride the CVS receipt wave and to think long and hard about the jug of wine corks on my fridge people keep calling out."
The post has garnered nearly 500 likes and has been retweeted close to 100 times, with various people weighing in on her predicament. Some posted pictures of their own receipts, while many felt that CVS should really stop giving people such lengthy till slips because of the waste of paper. Paul Szotek from Carmel, Indiana, has very strong feelings about CVS and the length of their receipts.
"If I became the CEO there the first thing I would do is eliminate the mile long receipt and donate the money to replant all the trees they have cut down giving us these receipts which 98 per cent probably end up in the garbage."
According to Komo News, the reason that Keane received such a long receipt was that she is signed up as a member of CVS' ExtraCare program. This program is well-known for inundating their members will discount coupons and offers, on paper and via digital channels.
Keane found the CVS slip so amusing that she took it to her workplace. She and her colleagues playfully put it to work as a measuring stick by pinning it against a wall. The sticky notes next to the receipt says, "How many CVS receipts tall are you?" with six colleagues posting their heights.
This is not the first time that social media has made fun of the length of CVS receipts. When Meghan Markle married Prince Harry on May 19, she wore a 16-foot long wedding veil. Many users likened the veil to the slips.
As far as Keane is concerned, "I'm honestly just grateful/surprised my 15 minutes aren't about something more embarrassing."