Oregon Parents Ate Meth-Laced Sour Patch Kids After Going Trick-Or-Treating In Portland Suburb

Oregon parents got a nasty surprise when they tried out some candy that they’d gotten from trick-or-treating with their kids in a Portland, Oregon suburb. When the parents ingested the Sour Patch Kids, they reportedly started feeling ill and contacted authorities. It’s a good thing that they knew to reach out for help because it turned out that the candy was laced with methamphetamine, detailed ABC News.

“Deputies conducted field tests on the gummy candy, which tested positive for the presence of methamphetamine. The candy was seized and placed into evidence.”

What’s scary is that the parents believed the candy was sealed when they ate it. But Detective Mark Povolny has a theory of how the candy could appear sealed, when in fact it had been tampered with, described Koin 6 News.

“You could liquefy the meth, put it in a syringe and then you can inject the syringe through the plastic bag.”

If someone were to inject candy with meth with a syringe, it would only leave a small tear in the packaging. Because of the alarming nature of the findings, police are warning parents in the area. However, there hasn’t been any other reports of people getting sick from the candy. And although the parents unfortunately ingested meth unintentionally, their kids were saved from the potential disaster and did not eat any of the tainted Sour Patch Kids.

A neighbor reacted with horror at the story.

“I never thought anything like this would happen with meth being around in the neighborhood, it’s crazy. You cant [sic] trust anything anymore.”

Meanwhile, officials have advised parents on what to do if they believe they found suspicious candy.

“Leave it be. Don’t throw it away. We want you to leave it just as you have found it if you think it’s been tampered with.”

As local news spreads word of the incident, people can only hope that nobody else is affected. The parents in question were taken to the hospital but were not hospitalized.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are many immediate effects of meth. This can include cardiovascular issues, repressed appetite, and increased “wakefulness.”

Oregon has been dealing with a meth problem for years. A new report revealed that meth-related deaths are steadily increasing, according to Statesman Journal. The rise in meth-related incidents has been noticeable since 2012 when there were 51 meth-related overdose deaths. In 2016, there were 141. At the same time, deaths from opioid-related deaths appear to be falling.

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