Samantha Markle Changes ‘Creepy’ Twitter Header, Royal Fans Blasted Her Previous Collage Of Meghan Markle

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Samantha Markle can’t seem to catch a break with royal fans, but it’s not too surprising considering that she has been a loud critic of Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. From giving interviews, publishing demeaning tweets, to even getting ready to publish a new tell-all book about Meghan, the half-sister has been fairly busy. Not to mention that Samantha flew all the way to the U.K., where she visited Kensington Palace without an invitation. The half-sister only accomplished a small feat of handing a security guard a letter, while media outlets claimed that she had been turned away at the gates.

Samantha had recently updated her Twitter header with a collage of photos of Meghan and herself, which led to many critics voicing their opinions. And perhaps because Samantha has been so outspoken against Meghan, people weren’t holding back with their criticisms. Many agreed that it was “creepy,” while others used the word “stalker.” Someone theorized that it’s “a reaction to people calling her a step sister and not related to Meghan. She is fighting so hard to keep the connection to Meghan.” Another user added a winking emoji to their statement, “At least she’s acknowledging she is nothing without Meghan.”

Perhaps owing to these comments, or for whatever other reason, Samantha has already changed her header. This time, the photo features Meghan in the middle, with a picture of Samantha in a blue bubble on the left and Thomas on the right.

The original collage of Meghan included a current picture of the duchess on the left, along with a photo of Samantha from the nose up below. More prominently featured was a childhood photo of the duchess. To the right, however, was a photo that appears to be of Samantha from when she was a little girl.

And while royal fans are hitting out against Samantha, they’re not alone. Her nephew, Tyler Dooley, has made some remarks about his not-so-popular family members, detailed the Inquisitr. Tyler said that Samantha and his dad, Thomas, Jr,. are “not nice” and “toxic.”

“It’s embarrassing what that part of the family’s doing. There’s a reason I go by Dooley instead of my legal last name of Markle: They’re toxic. What they’re doing is just embarrassing.”

However, not even Tyler can act like he’s completely innocent of utilizing the Markle name to his advantage, since he grew a strain of cannabis that he dubbed the “Markle Sparkle.”