Tiffany Trump Posts Birthday Message To Ivanka Three Days Late As Strained Social Media Relationship Continues

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Tiffany Trump took a few extra days to post a birthday message to her big sister, part of what appears to be a strained social media relationship between Donald Trump’s only daughters.

The eldest daughter of President Donald Trump celebrated her 37th birthday on Tuesday, getting a number of messages from friends and family on her social media pages. But none came from younger sister Tiffany — not until Friday night, at least. Tiffany posted a birthday message on Instagram along with a slideshow of the two together, including one of a teenage Ivanka holding Tiffany when she was a toddler.

In the caption for the images, Tiffany offered her apologies to her big sis and explained that she’s been kept pretty busy in her second year at Georgetown Law.

“Wishing my big sister and best friend a happy birthday (sorry for the late post, but you know my law school life haha) I love you so much!” Tiffany wrote.

Unlike her other adult siblings, Tiffany Trump has remained largely out of the spotlight and hasn’t gotten involved in politics. Instead, she is focusing her energy on completing law school as a member of the Class of 2020.

Still, it has been hard for Tiffany to fit in, the Washington Post noted.

“Word spread like wildfire that she was there. People were following her around with cameras, and it looked really uncomfortable,” one student told the newspaper. “She left within 10 minutes.”

Though the birthday wishes Tiffany Trump posted to her sister seemed upbeat, W Magazine found that they actually have a bit of a complicated relationship on social media. While Tiffany regularly “likes” her sister’s posts, Ivanka rarely returns the favor. In fact, Ivanka had not “liked” any of her sister’s posts for all of 2018, and had only posted one picture that included Tiffany within the last year. Tiffany regularly posts pictures that include Ivanka.

“Of course, the development made us realize something else: Throughout the years, Tiffany has posted numerous photos of just the two Trump daughters together,” the report noted. “In fact, Ivanka appears on her grid more than other relatives from the Trump side of her family tree, even more than their father.”

But the latest picture of Tiffany that appeared on her big sister’s feed was in September, 2017, when Ivanka posted a picture for National Sisters Day that also included her two sisters-in-law, Lara and Vanessa Trump.

As of press time, Ivanka Trump had not “liked” the birthday post from Tiffany.