WWE News: Triple H Suffers Major Injury During Main Event Of ‘Crown Jewel’


On Friday, WWE presented Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, as has been planned for some time, and it brought forth a lot of action and strange happenings. A new WWE Universal Champion was crowned, as well as the first-ever WWE World Cup winner, but there was much more that happened in the main event. Unfortunately, Triple H suffered a major injury during the match where D-Generation X took on the Brothers of Destruction.

As recapped by the Inquisitr, the final match of Crown Jewel saw Shawn Michaels return to the ring for the first time in almost a decade. He partnered with DX running mate Triple H to take on the team of The Undertaker and Kane for the first time in history.

Once all was said and done, DX picked up a huge win over the two legendary wrestling giants, but it came at a price. The official website of WWE reported that Triple H suffered an injury during the match and it appears to be one that is quite serious.

Triple H suffered what appears to be a torn pectoral muscle and he plans on having surgery to repair the injury once he returns to the United States.

The match was won by DX after Shawn Michaels hit Kane with Sweet Chin Music before Triple H hit a Pedigree for the pin. Anyone watching the match, though, may have noticed that something seemed a bit off as Triple H disappeared for quite some time.

It may have seemed like that was the way things were supposed to go as even the announce team brought attention to it. There were a few times that Michael Cole remarked on how Shawn Michaels had no one to get help from and no one to tag as Trips was down on the outside.

Well, it appears now as if the reason for Triple H’s absence during the match was due to the injury happening. It isn’t exactly known how it happened, but it is quite serious and it was obvious after the match that Triple H was indeed favoring his right arm.

Crown Jewel ended up being an exciting event which resulted in Brock Lesnar regaining the WWE Universal Title and Shane McMahon becoming the “Best in the World.” Unfortunately, not everything turned out as WWE hoped it would, as they were hopeful that everyone could get out of Saudi Arabia without any injuries. A torn pectoral muscle is an incredibly serious injury, but Triple H already has a plan in place to have it surgically repaired.