Ariana Grande Is 'Really Hurt' After Pete Davidson Joked About Their Relationship, Source Says

Ariana Grande is not happy with Pete Davidson for joking about their relationship on a promo for Saturday Night Live, E! News is reporting. In the promo, Davidson asks guest performer Maggie Rogers if she wants to get married. After she declines, he says "0 for 3." Grande took to Twitter after the promo was released to express her displeasure.

"For somebody who claims to hate relevancy [you] sure love clinging to it huh," she tweeted.

A source revealed that Grande was upset because Davidson broke a promise the two had made following their split in October.

"She wasn't amused by Pete's jokes at all," the source revealed. "They made an agreement that they would not address their relationship or discuss it after they split up. He violated that agreement and it really hurt her. She knew he would see her tweet. Pete is having a hard time with the breakup and making jokes his way of dealing with it. Ariana hopes that he will have enough respect to not do it again."

Another source, however, came to Davidson's defense.

"Pete never said her name in the joke. It wasn't a joke about her, it was self-deprecating. It's not true he violated any agreement."

Grande deleted the tweet that was reportedly about Davidson and replaced it with a tweet of new song lyrics that fans are assuming will be featured on her upcoming album, which Grande has hinted will be released before 2019. Grande and Davidson were announced to be dating in June and were engaged within weeks. Fans are eager to hear what Grande might reveal about the whirlwind romance in her new songs.

Grande has had a tough time of it this year. In addition to calling off her engagement with Davidson, her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, passed away suddenly from an overdose in September. This tragic event was said to play a big part in the dissolution of her relationship with Davidson. Grande has said that going in the studio and recording her new album has helped her to deal with the difficulty of the past few months.

As for Davidson, Us Weekly reported last week that he changed his number so he does not have any more contact with Grande. Both Grande and Davidson have changed or covered up tattoos that they got to signify their relationship. While some fans of the two had hopes for reconciliation, it appears that, for now, Grande and Davidson are not planning to reunite.