Former Fox News Contributor Ralph Peters Calls Trump A ‘Draft Dodger’

The retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters, who quit his role as an analyst for Fox news in March after calling the network a “propaganda machine,” has called out President Donald Trump for his previous statements as well as his commitment of 15,000 soldiers to be sent to the United Staes-Mexico border, according to reports from Business Insider.

In an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN Thursday, Peters said, “I want to take the president of the United States seriously. But he manages to be at once an embarrassing fool and insidious menace… he’s the antithesis of the America that I and my military comrades meant to defend, if necessary, with our lives.”

Peters went on to label Trump as “an un-American American president.”

The former Russia analyst for Fox News has been known not to hold his tongue when discussing presidential administrations, regardless of their political affiliation. Peters was suspended by Fox News back in 2015, when he referred to President Barack Obama following a speech about terrorism as “a total p****.”

Peters didn’t hold back when he discussed Trump’s comments about the American government, saying, “What bothers me the most about President Trump, and there’s much that bothers me, is [the] absolutely repulsive, repugnant attacks on America, and they are attacks on America, when he constantly criticizes our system of government.”

Peters went on to say that Trump’s pledge to “Make America Great Again” is something that no patriotic American would want to be a part of.

Peters also wanted to make clear that his criticism of Trump does not mean he has changed any of views towards Obama of the Democratic party, saying, “And to be fair, we didn’t need Obama to apologize for America. This country is great right now. It’s a miracle of a country. It’s imperfect because human beings are imperfect.”

Peters lamented the current state of the American population, saying that political discourse has devolved into finger-pointing and divisiveness.

Peters also criticized Trump’s plan to send 15,000 troops to the border between the United States and Mexico, which is an effort by the White House to respond to the caravan of Central American migrants that are making their way towards the country.

Trump’s critics have questioned the timing of Trump’s decision, with it coming in the days before the mid-term elections while the caravan is still weeks away from arriving at the border. Peters agreed with the critics who labeled the tactic as a stunt to cause immigration fear.

Peters told Cooper, “The president, who in my mind is a draft-dodger, playing with our troops. This idea of sending 15,000 troops to the southern border right now, it’s an election ploy… When they are manipulated for partisan, political purposes, it literally is disgraceful,

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